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Live Gita & Bhagavatam Classes On Skype!

Thursday, 28 April 2011 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 2,581 views

Urmila dasi: Every day but Sunday our Hawaii-based Skype-sanga broadcasts inspiring classes given by senior Vaisnavas/Vaisnavis from America and abroad. Regular presenters include HH Hanumat Preshak Swami, HG Urmila Mata, HG Dhanesvara Prabhu, HG Pushkara Prabhu, HG Narataka Gopal Mata, and many more.

As well we hold Skype conference calls with many devotees participating. Skype-sanga is just one way the Golden Avatar is increasing the Ocean of Transcendental Bliss and carrying Lord Krishna’s glories to every town and village. The sanga is great for everyone but especially if you live far from devotees.

For more information, please contact Ramananda dasa at 909-512-6678 or Please check our class schedule at
. We would love to increase the number of participating devotees, including presenters. Won’t you join us?

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