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Everybody gets the mercy…

Monday, 18 July 2011 / Published in Humor / 3,124 views


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    this sankirtana devotee has full faith in:

    mookam karoti vachalam pangum langayate girim
    yatkrupa tamaham vande paramananda madhavam

    word to word meaning:

    aham – I; vande- (pay)obeisances(to); tam – that; paramananda-
    supremely blissful; madhavam- Madhava (who has lakshmi as his
    consort); yat- whose; krupa- compassion; karoti- makes; mookam- the
    dumb (into); vachalam- to speak ; pangum- (and makes)a lame person;
    langayate- (to) climb; girim- (a) mountain

    I pay obeisances to that supremely blissful Madhava( who has Lakshmi
    as his consort), whose compassion makes a dumb to speak and makes a
    lame person to climb the mountain

    I guess we have to add and make the blind read Srila Prabhupadas books

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    Srila Dasa ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This picture is from Summer 1972 taken on or around 5th Ave NYC. I had just turned 18 and shaven up for the first time as a brahmacari. The gentleman had heard the chanting party and asked to find out more. Not knowing much and being unsure of myself, I simply read to him from Srila Prabhupada’s “On Chanting Hare Krsna” pamphlet. Of all the senses, the ear is the most essential for acquiring spiritual knowledge. Because by hearing, the sound may penetrate our heart and change our entire way of thinking, feeling and willing.

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    Sevananda Prabhu told me this is Srila Prabhu , he mentioned something very nice:

    That Srila das Prabhu joined when he was 16 and then he told me a nice pastime from the old sankirtana days:”This situation happened to me once in Scottsdale ,Arizona ,in `71 . A blind lady was listening to me preach about the Krishna Book ,when she asked me , ” What color is God ?” I said He is Blue -the color of a dark, blueish raincloud . she said with great pleasure – I knew it !”

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