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Remembering Tribhuvanath Prabhu

Saturday, 23 July 2011 / Published in In Memoriam / 4,029 views

By Payonidhi das

Dear vaisnavas and vaisnavis Please accept my humble obaisences All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I found these nice pictures on face book about Tribhuvanath Prabhu’s life

I just want to share some of my dealings with him. When I first met Tribhuvanath Prabhu was at the airport of Dublin in 1993, I had been asked by HH Sivarama Swami to go and help the bookdistribution in Ireland. I had a very nice first impression about Tribhuvanath Prabhu and obviously he was a very old devotee, and the first TP in Bury place the first temple in London. Also later he was TP in Bhaktivedanta Manor, when he became TP he was only 18 years old and a very new devotee. He told me many things about his relationship with Srila Prabhupada v=MPWFdQqacP4 v=mxMKVLiZnbo&NR=1 v=jYfciEpqlww&feature=related v=xwboZ1MvWnk&feature=related

He was very enthusiastic Kirtaniya and he really liked my enthusiasm for book distribution and asked me to be the sankirtana leader for Ireland. He once told me that Srila Prabhupada one day called him into his room at Bhaktivedanta Manor, and asked very seriously if the sankirtana devotees was also reading his books daily and not just distributing them. And he told Srila Prabhupada that the sankirtana devotees where reading his books but that he would convey Srila Prabhupadas concern that they did. Tribhuvanatha Prabhu liked very much how we sankirtana devotees where daily reading Srila Prabhupadas books and I had us listen to a lecture of Srila Prabhupada daily. During the Prabhupada marathon in 1993 Tribhuvanatha Prabhu promised that whoever would win the Prabhupada marathon in terms of distributing Srila Prabhupadas books would get a one volume CC,(all of the CC in one book).I won the marathon and did not somehow get the new CC but Tribuvanatha Prabhus used CC, with his handwriting inside it (his name etc). He used to read from this CC and sometimes he fell asleep on his chair in our small preaching center on Dame street in Dublin. I sometimes would wake up and seeing him sit with the CC in his hand sleeping , and ask him to kindly lie on the bed as he would get a better sleep. He used to do this every night I can remember, and like a concerned little brother I would then regularly ask him to please rest and place his CC on his desk. With much love and respect I remember my dear goduncle Tribhuvanatha Prabhu who like Aindra Prabhu left this world way to soon. Sometimes Tribhuvanatha Prabhu would lead mongal artik with a tambura( ) and the dancing and sweet singing of Tribhuvanath Prabhu would remind us all of Narada Muni, which was really great mercy. Today when holding this one volume of CC ,I think of my dear goduncle Tribhuvanath Prabhu, he is properly somewhere doing kirtana with Narada muni in his Gaura lila form Srivasa Pandita and other eternal associates of Lord Caitanya .

your humble servant Payonidhi das

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    Tribhuvanath is also a name of Lord Caitanya:
    from Shri-Shaci-Tanayashtakam

    by Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya

    tri-bhuvana-pavana-kripayah lesham
    tam pranamami ca shri-shaci-tanayam

    ujjvala—brilliant; varana—complexion; gaura-vara-deham—beautiful golden body; vilasita—sported; niravadhi—incessantly; bhava—ecstasy; videham—transcendental body; tri-bhuvana—the three worlds; pavana—liberating; kripayah—by His mercy; lesham—atomic particle; tam—to Him; pranamami—I bow down; ca—also; shri-shaci-tanayam—to the son of mother Shaci.

    I offer my respectful obeisances to the beautiful son of Shri Shacidevi. His superexcellent spiritual body is a brilliant golden colour. He is incessantly churned by sublime transcendental ecstasies. A tiny fraction of His mercy is able to deliver all the three worlds.

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