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Telegu Srimad Bhagatam inauguration photos

Wednesday, 27 July 2011 / Published in Reports / 2,911 views

By Amitakrishna das Correspondent for South India

A historical New Light in the darkness of Kaliyuga for telegu speaking people in Andra Pradesh.

Inauguration in Tirupati of the Srimad Bhagavatam by A.C. Bhaktivedanta swami in Telegu language in the presence of dignitaries and press people (local newspapers and TTD bhakti channel).

1.Executive .Officer. of TTD Sriman L.V. Subramanyam,I.a.S.,E.O.,TTD


-SB will bring back a Divine Culture (Samskrti),

-SB teaches properly about Krishna Tattva and protect people against Adharma.

-We should start educational programs from the perfect knowledge of SB.

2.H.G.Bhima Pr: (SP disciple and BBT M’bai trustee):

-SB will be the shelter of all religious principles.

-SB will give light in the darkness of Kaliyuga.

-SB is the King of All Books. Every word of SB has so much meaning and is a glorification of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

-SB will create a Spiritual Revolution VERY SOON(Viplava) in the impious lives of the misdirected civilization of this Kaliyuga.If 1% of population follows SB the world will change.

-All can become pure devotees of the Lord :China, France ,Africa, US, Europ, India. In St Louis : Telegu SB classes.

3.HG Revati Ramana pr (TP of Tirupati Iskcon):

-In Iskcon Tirupati daily SB Bhagavatam class that’s why such a beautiful project.

-One question was asked why in

Tirupati city soooooo much whisky shops and meat shops? Because they forget about Bhagavatam Culture. Now

we want to create great awareness about SB in Tirupati.

-In Orissa there is a famous incident that a bull came to SB class mysteriously year after year and created great popularity for SB.

4.Sriman Hare Krishna Satapaty(Vice chanceloor Sanksriet Vidyapeetam Tirupati):

-A great cultural contribution to all Telegu speaking people in A.P. and worldwide. Inaugurated in place of Pilgrimage like Tirupati is most auspicious. Granta Raja: The King of All Revealed Scriptures.

-Wherever SB is dominant there will be no battle and no conflict,eternal peace and universal brotherhood.

-As Mahatma Gandhi told Truth is God and God is Truth.Eternal Truth is Krishna.Satyam Tattva Dimahi.

-3 subjects:BHAKTI:The only way!!Based on pure knowledge(Jnana) and Vairagya( renounciation of temporary worldly atachments.)

5.H.G. Vaisnavanghri pr(translator of teh Bhagavatam).:

-For so many years dedicated to the translation of SB although a full time job.

-On the Tirubhava of Sanatana Goswami and Guru pournima the gift of Prema Bhakti: Pure Love of Godhead.

6.I.GuruSwami Garu,:(Senior Advocate in Tirupati:)

-All the leaders togheter can set up a balanced technical and spiritual education so we can put a cow slaughter stop and the real glory of punyaksetra of Tirupati back.

7.Veeresh Lingam,Editor:

-All aspects of the Supreme Lord is covered and

-Srila Prabhupada mercy is felt at every page of the Bhaktivedanta purports..

8.Nanda Gopal prabhu(Templepresident of Warangal):

-SB is for devotees and will remove all misconceptions and doubts of life. Otherwise who will clear all doubts for the whole world?

-It should be brought door to door.So many people want SB in telegu language!!!

-What is the speciality of SB:Vyasa Muni was morose after writing all veda’s He went to his guru Narada Muni and inquired You wrote so many aspects of life but you never wrote the glorification of the Supreme Lord .So now you write SB:

9.H.G.Satya Gopinatha prabhu(Templepresident Rajamundri):

-Kaliyuga full of imbalances and insecurities in the age of darkness.Packing first class.Product WORST.F.i. some 5 star restaurants costliest food is FOETUS.So SB Dharma is the ONLY HOPE.

10.H.G.Vedanta Caitanya pr(Templepresident Hyderabad):VIPLAVO:

-a sense of URGENCY is highly required to educate SB Culture but with strong Faith(Sraddha) en strong dedication then only the rasa will be experienced.Kevalam Bhakti Only.

-SB is the Raja Marga.The royal road for spiritual perfection

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