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Only in India!!

Sunday, 31 July 2011 / Published in Humor / 5,713 views

Only those who strongly believe in rebirth should risk going near…(at famous natural park Ranthambore, Rajasthan, India)

Who cares what is written but everyone knows where to find “chilled beer”…err.. seems you also get “Child Bear” here. Any buyers?

Bangalore, Talking cars cars really can fly, until now there has been no significant success. Well, this time, Vishwanath from India exhibiting flying car based on Suzuki’s Maruti 800 in a performance aerospace, Aero India 2011.

According to 52-year-old man, these little cars make use of four metal bar in every corner of the roof and the vacuum in each cavity of the wheel so I could float. Vacuum serves to push the car in a vertical and defy gravity. This is useful when avoiding traffic jams.

“After studying the 2.5 million objects relating to the car and use complex theories, I believe this car is capable of flying vertically,” he explained.

Vishwanath also claimed to have developed this technology for 16 years. He already has 40 patents and developed with the company he owns with B’Lorean name (a combination of the word “Bangalore” and “DeLorean,) the sports car in the movie Back To The Future). Now, Vishwanath was looking for investors.

“These findings come from a complex mathematical calculation. I have tried the small version in the tunnel test my own,” he added.

Funnily enough, the original size of the car he was flying display was not tested. One again, it is questionable how well the Aero India 2011 event organizers could allow cars on display there, among the fighter jets that have been definitely can fly?

Apart from that, there are interesting comments from readers who claimed to have lived in India. “The people there need the hope and prayer … When someone promises something plus reinforced frills” mathematical “is not common for the laity, the people there will believe it, even before tested. Someone who is rich there can just want to be investors.

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