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Krsna and raw milk

Friday, 26 August 2011 / Published in Blog thoughts / 2,465 views

Payonidhi das: Here in the US the goverment is cracking down on raw milk:

Though I have never found it in sastra I have often heard that Krsna drank milk from the utter of cows in His Kaumara age.
Police in LA , came in with guns and forced places that sells raw unpasteurized organic milk to give it to them and poured it all in the drain.They should instead stop eating meat and close all meat factories at the end of a gun if they had too.
Drinking milk is good for you, eating meat is a sin.

They are worried that someone gets sick from drinking unpasteurized milk but milk in US is full of hormones and fish oil, how demoniac and totally ignorant.

The meat and dairy organizations is US, does not have the welfare of the animals or humans at at all in consideration it is all simply business nothing else, and who wants milk with fish oil in it?D3 shame on them and shame on the FDA for not understanding these things.

This article by Mahanidhi Swami is very important to understand the importance of raw organic milk

your servant
Payonidhi das

One Response to “Krsna and raw milk”

  1. FDA ,is the Food and Drug administration

    Actually there concern is not un based

    but the problem is still there you can not get raw milk that was just pasteurized like in the rest of the world, you have to get it through dairies that add D3 fish oil, and that leaves some temples no option but to buy raw milk…

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