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Saturday, 03 September 2011 / Published in Blog thoughts / 1,524 views

Parvati devi dasi: My Dear Devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila
Prabhupada. Because of technology I simply cannot understand, I am very
fortunate to be able to offer my Vaishnava pranams to so many devotees at
one time. Lazy intelligence at its best!

A couple days ago, I was thinking how so many of us older devotees
(did I say “old”?!) are dropping like flies, and many of us should have
thought of asking forgiveness from those we offended in the many years of
our service, intentional or unintentional. Right before Srila Prabhupada
left, he called in his sister and many of his godbrothers to apologize for
what he may have said in the line of preaching which may have upset them.
We know he never offended anyone at all, because he was so careful in the
way he did everything, but still, people have a way of taking things another
way. So he made a point of doing this. Rupa Goswami hurt one Vaishnava
completely unintentionally, yet he went out of his way to rectify the
matter. And so I feel obligated to do this before it’s too late.

Personally, I am known internationally as such a heavy person, that
whenever I’m in the audience and the subject of the chapter on “The Wrath of
Mother Parvati” comes up, the speaker makes a point at directing a remark
straight to me, usually in a joking way. But the fact is that for many
years my presence registered pretty high in the intense range. Now, even
I’m operating at tenth speed, people still give way out of habit.

As we have experienced, we never know when our number is up. So
before I miss my opportunity, I am begging any and all of you, if for any
reason I have hurt you or screwed up your service, in some great or small
way that I should know about, kindly inform me so I can personally address
the issue and pray for your forgiveness, or rectify the matter in some way
or other as best as I can. Better we do it this way than have to take birth
once more and figure it all out all over again.

Because many will not read these forums, I request the people at
various temples to post this on their notice boards or their face books
(another technology I simply cannot fathom) for some time to give me a
chance to reach these devotees. My husband cheerfully tells me that
everyone who knows me either loves me or hates me, but no one seems to have
no opinion about me. So PLEASE help me out here.

I hope this meets you all well.

Your servant,

Parvati devi dasi

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