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Yadhunath Das Comedy and A Fish out of Water

Wednesday, 07 September 2011 / Published in Humor / 3,674 views

Yoga Fest Yadhunath Das Comedy:

Laugh your way to enlightenment with this classic story of the lost spirit soul. Austin powers, mixed with Jim Carey, Truman show, and of course the Beatles and Yellow Submarine. All blended into a great adventure that leads to a real understanding of why we feel uneasy in this material world. The Talk given by Devamrita swami accompanies this play. it is called Krishna’s party – AN Ocean of Bliss. Check other innersense media productions. AND OF course, READ the Bhagavad gita by A.C Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupada for further insight.
Part 1:

Part 2:

One Response to “Yadhunath Das Comedy and A Fish out of Water”

  1. nrsimhananda says :

    Some of the best preaching that I’ve seen/heard since I last talked to somebody. No, really, prabhus, this is funny stuff, and Caru’s proximity to the mic gives a clear signal that he enjoyed every joke, too, or was he just being polite? I disagree with the reviewers that Hindi subtitles would have made the jokes more understandable though Sanskrit with diacritics would have lent some authenticity. When my children grow up, I’d like them to take initiation from Yadunath. After all, a parent just wants his kids to be happy. I’m looking forward to Yadu’s appearance on what should be an upcoming talent competition – America’s Got Standup. I’m sure that he’ll take the house down and make it into one in which everybody can live. He can’t help but be more successful than we were with Iskcon. Hard to believe that he writes all of his own material; he must get the bulk of his inspiration from his guru. He did capture the essence of devotional service – it’s joyfully performed. And he did look like he was having a good time despite no shots of the audience. Was anyone else laughing or even there? Maybe this was the rehearsal? My favorite part was about his wife. Apparently, she was too shy to appear on stage with him or was busy in prayer: “Please, Krishna, make people laugh.” Like any good performer, he left me wanting more – but, apparently, he wasn’t able to give it. Anyway, he had me in stitches; thank God for the Bhaktivedanta Hospital. He delivers his lines like a seasoned sankirtan devotee. Check how much you’ve changed after the show. I would be available to write more material, but, on principle, I can’t. I only do spiritual. In conclusion, a big round of applause for the best male comedian in Iskcon – in fact, the only one. :) :) :)

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