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Reminiscence about HG Gopiparanadhana dasa: Where is my prabhuji has gone now?

Thursday, 22 September 2011 / Published in In Memoriam / 2,536 views

By Bhagiratha dasa

Dear Madhava maharaj Please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet Jay Srila Prabhupad Jay Krsna Balarama Hare Krsna I am sorry for not having corespondence on email for quite some time because I was traveling with my gurumaharaj in Indonesia recently. it is really a creating so much disturbance in my mind to hear the news of departure of my beloved teacher. through this mail, please let me to glorify his glories with my little and limited knowledge. just last year I was discussing with him to arrange a program for him in Indonesia around this year or the latest will be the midle of next year, but he left us so quickly. he is a rare personality, though was a great scholar still he is humble and present himself like some one who doesn’t know anything. any one who never know or never meet meet him before will mostly neglecting him and thinking that he is just an ordinary person. but as soon as he speak, his shining lotus mouth will enlighten such person and will certainly realizing their mistake. even a highly qualified professor of some university, during our visit to Bankok some time on 2007, neglecting his present and can not understand his scholarship before he gave his speech. but as soon as the opportunity came for prabhuji ( gopi prabhu) to speak, those professor started to realize that they were wrong. some time he went out in Bankok with kurta that has already torn out, he never care about that. he never thinking of his bodily comfort, but always concern on how we can distribute more and more prabhupada’s books in this materialistic and congested city. though he has breathing problem since long before, but still he enthusiastically go out and joint us doing sankirtan book and encourage us to do more bhajan in ram kham heng university, in bangkok.. he is not only humble but he is also so kind to me by letting me to study under him in his Govardhan schol, Srimad Bhagavata vidya pitham even though actually I have no ability to learn sanskrit and philosophy. His faith to his spiritual master is so much so that he will speak so boldly and with full determination on what prabhupada has told us. One day I ask him in his room in Bhakticedanta asram, at parikram marg, Govardhan, ” prabhuji! do you think it will be posible to establish varnasram system in this modern age?” his answer was shocking me, by saying” it should be and it will be establish. … why, because prabhupada has told us, since prabhupada wanted it,…. Krsna may change his decision but He will never change decision of his devotees. so Prabhupada is His dear most devotee, then Krsna has to … He must fulfill it ( Prabhupad’s desire).”this is just one out of many example of how much of his faith to his guru’s teaching. he is always concern about the health of his student in Bhagavata vidya pitham, and many time, at the begining of the school, he use to ask me,” are the boys feel comfortable on their respective place? Prabhu ji!!! when will I get aportunity to serve you to shave your head and hearing your wonderfull krsna katha from Bhagavatam. you have tought us ” made Bhagavatam as your life and soul, thisn bhagavatam is Krsna, always take shelter of this scripter”.not only cow milk that you have fed me with your wife on the foot of Govardhan hill, but you have given me the nectarian fruit of the Veda, Srimad Bhagavatam. with your translation of various books, especially Brhat Bhagavamrta, you have done a great service to human society in this modern age. may your glories will always we remember, your teaching will always acompany me and guide me on my journey seraching the truth in this world. Prabhuji, please always be kind to me from wherever you are now serving your gurudev to preach this Krsna consciousness to the fallen conditioned soul.

your insignificant servant Bhagiratha ds

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