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New Vrindavan 24 Hour Kirtan files released

The link is fixed now and it is working. Here it is again: or you can use this abbreviated one:

Comment Posted By Administrator On 08.11.2012 @ 09:51

The Show Must Go On…

We have just received this letter:

Dear Prabhus,

A few devotees have written to me to ask if it’s correct that Bhakta Richard (aka Radha Madhava dasa) was initiated by Srila Prabhupada as stated in a recent article about him.

I just saw the article and was surprised that the article claims he was initiated around 1970. He is not in the Srila Prabhupada disciple database because he’s not initiated by Srila Prabhupada.

I myself knew him back in the 1970s and have seen him in Vrndavana in more recent years and he was always Bhakta Richard. His initiated name must be fairly recent.

Mahamaya dasi
Compiler, Srila Prabhupada Disciple Database

Comment Posted By Administrator On 15.11.2012 @ 07:55

Sadhu Sanga — Fulfilling Our Society’s Purpose

Damodar Rati das: Audio from SadhuSanga retreat in Austin, TX 2012

Comment Posted By Administrator On 12.07.2012 @ 20:35

Russian court dismisses plea seeking ban on Gita

Bhakti Vijnana Goswami, who was present at the trial commented: “The judges were well prepared and in their questions pointed out the weaknesses of the prosecutor’s appeal. The whole hearing took only one hour and it was clear that it will be in ISKCON`s favour. After just a few minutes the positive verdict upholding the decision of the lower court was announced. After the court, the media people gathered for the press conference, and the mood was very joyful. It was af if the media was selebrating the victory with ISKCON.”

Comment Posted By Administrator On 21.03.2012 @ 14:48

“Chant loudly from your heart” Mayapur Kirtan Mela- 2012

An other wonderful aspect of this event was the number of vaishnavas that watched it live online through internet connection.

The peak of computers connected to’s live broadcasting from this year’s Mayapur’s Kirtan Mela event was over 1200! It is hard to know of course how many vaishnavas were watching behind each of these computers but surely they were more than 1200.

This is the record for the viewership of the site and most probably for all other iskcon websites for the maximum number of concurrent users on the site.

From the technical point of view the server performed well, and , to my knowledge, there was never any interruption or other bad functioning, which is worth of notice given the amount of traffic generated and the bandwidth used for such a big crowd!

Equally fantastic were the live broadcastings from the parikramas, during the festival, that brought the worldwide audience of vaishnavas drastically close to these enlivening events.

Here are some pics from the staff and equipment:

Comment Posted By Administrator On 18.03.2012 @ 09:50

Latest ToVP Video Presentation to the GBCs and Assembled Vaisnavas

It’s already there in youtube in one part:

or in two parts:

If you want to download it in low resolution:
In high quality:

Comment Posted By Administrator On 15.02.2012 @ 09:17

Prema Bhakti Mataji, from Spain, met with a severe "hit and run" Car accident

Hrimati dasi:
Update on Prema Bhakti’s situation:
Hare Krishna!

Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

First of all, I would like to thank all the devotees who have contributed towards Prema Bhakti Mataji’s health care. the response was really over whelming. The hospital bill is now all covered and I think we have enough Laksmi for her follow up care.

On Tuesday, her stitches will be removed on her head. We have two devotee doctors here in Mayapur, who will open her sterile dressing and take a look if they may be able to remove the stitches here in Mayapur. Having to go all the way back to Kolkata, is very difficult, because of her huge cast on her leg. However, since she had cosmetic surgery, taking out the stitches may be a challenge.

The knee fracture is very delicate. She has a cast on her right leg, all the way from her groin down to her toes. The doctor gave very strict advise not to put any pressure on the leg for one month, which is when she has to see the doctor again. So, now she is under the care of the Mayapur community. Sankalpa Mataji is letting Prema Bhakti Mataji and her son Balaram use one of her apartments for free, until she can walk again. after she recovers, this family does not want to move outside the ISKCON campus any more. it is extremely difficult for them to manage, living away from the community. What we are trying to do, find them an affordable apartment to move into after Mataji recovers.

It has been very hard on Balaram to deal with the situation his mother is in right now. He is only 17 years old and already having to deal with all these problems. The CPT Mayapur and the Gurukula school, will try to give him some support in this regard and council him.

Your humble servant, Hrimati dasi

Comment Posted By Administrator On 24.07.2011 @ 10:12

Heavy snow brings down the Goshalla tent in Villa vrindavana - Cow Emergency!


After few days the situation remains critical, but fortunately many things have already been done.
Part of the area is now secured, especially by the help of the devotees of the Russian traveling Harinam group headed by Nimi Prabhu.
They are in Italy for Harinam program in the main Italian cities. They arrived in Villa Vrindavana just one day after the disaster but after seeing the dramatical situation they immediately volunteered their help.
We are very grateful to them and we’d like to thank them publicly for their exemplary vaisnava behavior!
You can find more up-to-date pictures below or on

Now they are preparing a cow shelter for the winter and we hope than in few days the cows could be transfered into it (now they are outside).
We are in hurry because the weather forecast is announcing more snow.

Thanks in advance for any help you’ll desire to offer and thanks to those who have already offered their help and freindliness.

Parabhakti das - Villa Vrindavana Temple Prasident










Devoti russi ed italiani che dopo aver messo in sicurezza l’area stanno iniziando a costruire un rifugio provvisorio per le mucche:






Comment Posted By Administrator On 23.12.2010 @ 12:43

Purnacandra Swami left his body

Bhakti Visrambha Madhava Swami: Although Purnacandra Maharaja body was wracked with Hepatitis C, he fell into an unconscious state, and so they shifted his body to a Hospital in Moscow and that hospital had him in a semi induced coma for weeks on a heart-lung machine, leaving literally him in the body only by that heart lung machines working.

He had been slightly responsive to movements, and (although I’m not so up on the events) -from what I gathered from my conversation with HH Niranjana swami over the phone-( according to what I understood-I may have some minute details wrong here)- when he was obviously not at all responsive to attempts to revive his body after weeks on the heart-lung machine- His disciples brought Radha kunda and Ganga jala and tulasi leaf for him, his eyes welled up with tears, the disciples took that to mean, “maybe he’ll come back- but evidentally, it was maharaja’s way of acknowledging that now it was indeed time for him to depart his body, thus he left his body at 22:25 Nov 4th evening in Moscow willingly submitting voluntarily to Krsna’s will- even though his heart lung machine was still operating.

Niranjana swami, will fly shortly to Moscow to comfort and instruct HH Purnacandra Gosvami’s disciples on the cremation of his body.

which HH Bhakti Vijnana Gosvami thinks will not be done until Monday at the earliest- given the Russian holiday in swing this weekend.

After Purnacandra Gosvamis disciples along with HH Bhakti Vijnana Gosvami come to Vrndavana (likely in the next week)  with Purnacandra Gosvami’s ashes will bring them to the Iskcon Goshala. Wherein  the KB temple authorities will place them in Samadhi in the goshala samadhi gardens, soon.

Purnachandra Maharaja had expressly mentioned that he wanted to have his samadhi in the KB goshala in his living will, so I will work with the temple authorities to execute that order of his.

My sannyasa guru HH Niranjana swami who is in Mumbai with HH Bhakti Vijnana Gosvami,  will fly shortly to Moscow just called me @ 03:10 in the morning asking me for that file you had given me-I searched my HDD of my new macbookpro 17, and although I thought all the files from my old macbookpro
15  had been transfered, evidentally that important one (your file) has been lost.



in 1976 I was in Radha Damodara Traveling Sankirtana party on HH Gopijanavallabha’s bus, and Purnacandra Gosvami was at that time Bhakta Paul, and he was a pot washer and kitchen assistant of mine who had joined Gopijana Vallabha swami’s bus in New York..

the bus at that time-was parked at a camping ground in Cincinati Ohio, near a river- I remember my bus leader, HH Gopijana Vallabha swami admonishing me that Bhakta paul is washing the bus sunday feast pots with a flashlight in the river. “can’t you at least give him a pot of hot water to help him wash the pot sufficiently?” HH Gopijanavallabha swami said.. I remember the words ringing in my ears as if they were yesterday.

I remember a few years back sitting by the side of HH Purnacandra Gosvami when he and i gave initiation to aspirants in southern Ukraine festival.

I told Maharaja that when I did Vrndavana parikrama and some sadhu’s would address me: “Radheshyama!” to play with their intelligence-I’d purposely say jokingly “Ram-shyama”. (Addressing Balarama and Krsna together) Hearing this-the sadhu’s would repeat it, as it flows easily from the mouth being similar to “Radhe-syama”  They’d reply “Ram-shyama- Ram-shyama!”

then question saying “Ram-shyama? konsa sampradaya? (in Hindi they are asking) “what school-group are you coming from”?. 

In south Russia, when I awarded my disciple with the name “Syamarama” HH Purnacandra Gosvami laughed hearing this- and whispered in my ear, “konsa Sampradaya?”

Comment Posted By Administrator On 05.11.2010 @ 11:53

New Vrindaban to Host Three-Day "Festival of Inspiration"

Rita Gupta: There is a change in the schedule for Festival of Inspiration.

Radhanath Swami will be conducting a plenary session on Friday, May 7, from 4:15 — 6:16pm. This plenary session will be held in the Main Conference Room under the Guest Lodge. In an e-mail sent on April 29, I stated that Radhanath Swami would be conducting a plenary session on Sunday morning. I apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you.

Varsana Swami will be conducting Srimad-Bhagavatam class on Sunday, May 9, from 8:00 — 9:30am. This class will be held in the main temple room.

Comment Posted By Administrator On 05.05.2010 @ 05:27


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