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Sriman Ramakeli das Passed Away

Hari bol agtsp and their lord ships. It is sad to see so many devotees leaving their bodies like this.
But again, after reading all the books it seems it is how we seem to go from this world. The pandavas left timely and sadly as well lord Ramachandra left in a sad way as well. Our acarya set the example of fearless-
ness, don’t fear don’t hesitate and don’t worry. We will see krsna again and sri caitanya/nityananda
afterwards for sure. My respects to you Ramakeli prabhu. Hare krsna agtsp.

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 29.09.2012 @ 04:44

Prayer Request For Ramakeli Dasa (ACBSP)

Hari bol agtsp pamho: I wish there were more info on which ramakeli dasa is being
refered to here. I remember a ramakeli dasa who was in chicago temple back in 1982,
then as a radha damodara bus driver I drove into the that yatra as we took up the temple .
But little is said of who this ramakeli das is ?.
Please say more on his person/history and thank you sincerely, hare krsna.

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 21.09.2012 @ 05:29

World without cancer

I want to add comment towards the eating of raw apricot seeds in appose to the taking of
a B-17 in tablet form. I myself took tablet form, then only after I was found cured of my stage-5 malignant cancer, did I order ( as test only) apricot seeds. I didn’t like eating the seeds at all.

And, I too wonder if eating raw apricot seeds straight, offer same all around good as tablet form. When it comes to raw herbs, seeds, fruits etc, sometimes it’s best to go tablet form
for maximum benefit, dealing less with side effects and taste of raw medicine…

Example: Vitimins in the raw: Seeds, herbs, fruits, may be natural, less costly-$.
But in certain cases it is far better to take a 100-mg vitimin-C tablet eh day above eating twenty oranges eh day to get the nutrition. There’s risk, side effects from too much citri acid in eating twenty oranges daily… Same with eating raw seeds, herbs and fruits in
large quantity on a daily basis. Think people…

My case example: The taking of a 3-yrs supply of B-17 tablets in 2-wks, was an emergency situation. I would’nt eat a 3-pound bag of apricot seeds to get the same benefits, no way. Sensical is a key. Yes, cancer is deadly and prevention is easy… B-17 worked for me, Trust me on this one account. My advice here is take B-17 on a daily basis,
1- 100mg tablet a day, it’s easier then a hand full of apricot seeds each day later, I know.

Sincerely: Antaryami Dasa- cancer surviver, AGTSP hare krsna.

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 09.08.2012 @ 08:05

Hari bol pamho AGTSP:
I want to add that each morning we say the prayer offering our respectful
obeisance to all of those vaisnava devotees of the lord, who are just like
desire trees, they can fulfill the desires of everyone and are full of compassion
for the fallen condition souls.

We should say this with full understanding, belief, serious adhearing, not as
machanical recital. Vaisnavas must show compassion to all, regardless of status.
Example’s: Sriman kurma das a chef from australia, answers all questions regarding cooking via web-site and books.

A compassion towards cooks, new/experienced, needing technical help in cooking. Sriman dravida das helps all in troubled times regarding sastras etc. Prapannan das, vyasaki das and their recordings. Compassion for a most fallen souls, myself.
Note, I was hospitalized in ICU for 30-days, their recordings kept me krsna conscious, adhearing to guru, sadhus and sastras. My dandavats at their feet endlessly.

Lastly to our iskcon acarya Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupada, coming to the west.
No compassion compares to this. He is topmost compassion personnified. Saying in B.G. one purport: It is faith only that will see you through in this process.
I do now have such faith to death, chanting, hearing sincerely krsna’s names.

Antaryami Dasa, AGTSP, their lordships Sri Sri Satyabhama-
Madhuvisa, and to all vaisnava devotees of the lord, hare krsna.

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 09.08.2012 @ 06:31

Hari bol hare krsna agtsp.
My name : Antaryami Dasa , formaly I submitted two articles titled: the importance of reading
and A jiva perspective. I just wanted to add to the article sent in by Hema Lavanya das regarding
a cure for cancer etc. My letter here is to inform all devotee’s an importance towards the words of the iskcon acarya, that an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Meaning that, don’t wait till you have cancer to act in stopping it or killing it.
B-17 can be taken as a preventive measure, as many todate take common vitimins to ensure their
health etc. Remember that karma is always to be taken into account, regarding long term health
and life.

The iskcon acarya did himself at as a doctor in his years before coming to the west for a higher cause.
In his doctoring profession he did precribe medications to persons ill. Also in the B.G. and S.B he
precribes many remedies for health etc. I only wish I knew of B-17 4-year before my present.
I could of maybe prevented my present circumstance of a laryngectomy.

My ideal through hema lavanya prabhu was to yell out to all, there is more then what the common doctors
say there is for cureing ourselves and prevention. Again, karma plays an important role in our
lives and health, this is the material world where birth, old age, sickness and death are a factor, agtsp.

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 05.08.2012 @ 22:44

Where is the fault in ISKCON?

Jatayu dasa prabhu agtsp and to what you say, because it is true that there are no faults in iskcon, the process or the acarya, it is we the followers who perceive faults due to maya and our karmas. All this is clearly stated in the books left behind by the acarya of the iskcon sociaty, devotees need only read the books cover to cover puting aside their prejudice views that the books are wrong or may contain maya etc. Instead of pecking out small pieces of infomations from a data base to suit a cicumstancial problem that only make the solutions more complex due again to missing the full purport of explanations there-in given ti us by the acarya. thank you hare krsna agtsp.

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 02.01.2008 @ 15:36


Dear varahanarasimha prabhu: my advice is: just keep chanting as srila prabhupada asks us to. Read the books as he asked us to (cover to cover). Our karma to hear, see, experiance things we don’t like or things that bother us will go away in time as do seasons of the year, they come and go and we dont try to stop them do we?. We need to be as the siksastika by sri caitanya mahaprabhu asks us to be, especially the last verse of this prayer. Hare krsna agtsp. by Antaryami dasa

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 14.12.2007 @ 17:35

Protecting Our Future

Dear Praghosa dasa prabhu: Your article is very good, I give it a ten, excellent. As for marriages in Iskcon I will say that back in 2003 I saw a 60-minutes special on marriages in the U.S.A., the report was astounding that the divorce rate in America stands at 80% and this is in the first two years. Then there is another wave of separations between the 5-year to 10-year period, in short only about 10% of marriages in America last beyond 10 years. They discussed many reasons for marriages breaking up but came to no conclusions. We see the Mormons doing well in their marriages, maybe due to a different type of commitment?. In the first canto of Srimad Bhagavatam both Bhimasena and Maharaja Yudhistira noticed many bad omens to come in kali yuga, one was single parents and women left uncared for or protected. Also Srila Prabhupada states in the B.G. that divorce is due to a weakness in one or both of the partners to be married, both must be cent percent convinced of what they are getting into, this also means religion as well marriage. agtsp by Antaryami Dasa

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 15.12.2007 @ 15:51

Eating grains on Janmastami

Dear payonidhi das prabhu: regarding again this issue on grains etc, I only support grains on a feast day not on ekadasi days, if a feast day lands on ekadasi days as lord vamana’s appearance day then yes one should not eat grains, and can feast the next day. It seems that we/you are mixing ekadasi and feastive appearance days, my comment is on feastive days to serve full feasts, not ekadasi days, all ekadasis should be honored as the acharya asked and that is no grains etc. And yes there are very nice preperations temples can make on feastive days that contain no grains. Our cooking today is beyound imagination in variaty. Most temples in the west have excellent cooks and cook books at hand, I myself am a very good cook and have learned while living in temples how to cook up many nice nongrain idea’s. Hari bol agtsp.

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 19.12.2007 @ 20:42

Hiri bol agtsp and to all vaisnavas concerned towards this gain issue. I found a logic in the fifth canto of srimad bhagavatam the logic of “atmavan manyate jagat” it reads that if I am blind then I feel all others are blind as well, or in short: since my age etc does not grant me wellness after I eat a big feast late at nite then no one should eat a good feast at nite either. If karmis are feeling unhappy after an ekadasi feast at midnite they can go to a nearby cafe etc and grab something with grains, why should we worry we know we are right on. Then if the next year the attendence at our celebrations fall short of what we expected so what, thats their maya, yes or no ? prabhu. Hare krsna my all respects at your feet prabhus in your ideologies and preaching ideas that you wish to introduce into this pure krsna consciousness and transcendental movement established and started by an utama adikari representative of krsna. Hare krsna agtsp. by Antaryami Dasa

Comment Posted By Antaryami Dasa On 14.12.2007 @ 17:25


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