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dadami buddhi yogam tam

Hari Krsna Prabhus, PAMHO AGTSP

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I’m sorry if people got the impression that I made the video out of fear. I tried to make the point that I prayed to my Diety, Giriraja, to give my guidance about whether my concern was due to fear or whether I was getting a message to make a drastic change in my service. Out of everything in my spiritual library, after praying, and with my eyes closed, I chose the line, “dadami buddhi yogam tam.” The rest of the sloka was not on the page I chose. I took the experience as being a message from Krsna. Since then we have been having amazing experiences and truly feel as though Krsna is guiding my life. In fact we have identified a suitable property to purchase. It wasn’t for sale, but I wrote the owners a letter and they contacted me last week. Yesterday we walked the property, 71 acres in a fertile valley that is mostly in timber and National forest. The 71 acres is the only property in the valley that has been farmed. We spent several hours talking to the owners of the property yesterday and I left them with, “please call us and tell us that you want to sell the land for a reasonable price.” (Interestingly enough, these owners are completely in agreement about where the world is headed, but they see their solution to be to move to Chile.) So far, it seems as if Krsna is making the arrangements, so perhaps He’ll arrange that we can purchase the property and develop a sanctuary where we will be able to have a place to continue Srila Prabhupada’s mission. The entire uninhabited valley is several thousand acres of rich land that could support many devotees, cows and be a place where Deities could have a decent standard of worship even if the outside infrastructure falls apart. It is protected by huge hills on either side of the valley.

If anyone is interested, I have a Word document, “A Farm Overview” that outlines what we believe are appropriate preparations to a change in material circumstances. It includes encouraging devotees to learn one or more of the following: how to farm using traditional techniques, making fabric from locally grown fibres, practicing medicine using native plants, making paper, having and operating printing equipment that is not dependent on digital technology, blacksmithing etc.

My plan has Jayadvaita Swami’s blessings and Bir Krsna Goswami’s endorsement.

We feel that the situation is almost as though we are standing on the railroad tracks along with our Dieties. If Krsna gives us the intelligence to see the train coming, it would be offensive to just stand there to be run over. It is really offensive not to protect our Dieties. Preparation shouldn’t be out of fear, but rather from knowledge.


» Posted By Anuttama On Apr 9, 2007 @ 1:21 am

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