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The synthesis of the Puranas and the Siddhantas (Mythology or Science)

Hare Krishna Adbhut Hari prabhu,
Thank you for bringing out valuable information that Matsya Purana, Vishnu Dharmottara Purana and Naradiya Purana have exact astronomical details to precisely compute planetary positions, as one can do with the formulae given in Jyotisa shastras like Surya Siddhant etc.
In relation to the same point, there is some supportive evidence to show that the knowledge available in the Puranas and the Siddhantas existed simultaneously for millions of years, if we take them as it is (contrary to popular propaganda that Puranas are Medieval literature and that the Jyotisa shastras have been imported from Greeks and Romans).
For example, as per Srila Prabhupada’s BG 4.1 Purport, where he explains how the knowledge in Bhagavat Gita was available at least 120,400,000 years ago and in human society it has been extant for two million years.
Similarly in Surya Siddhanta, in texts 1.2, 1.3 and 1.23 it is mentioned that this knowledge was spoken at the end of Satya yuga (Golden age) of this yuga cycle. There it is also mentioned that Surya Siddhanta is the chief auxiliary to Vedanga and has the complete information about the motion of the heavenly bodies. If we add up the durations of Treta yuga (1296000), Dapara yuga (864000) and 5110 years of kali yuga, Surya Siddhanta was spoken at least 21,65,110 years ago (SS1.45-47). So we can understand that, at least as per the text, the knowledge of Surya Siddhanta is not a recent invention.
I wonder sometime if we can fathom the vast oceanic wisdom of Vedic knowledge with our tiny brain…it is certainly the logic of half hen to take what we can comprehend and leave out what we can not. I believe, if we study scientifically (not prejudiced by the bombardment of so called modern science) we will find the Vedic knowledge to be timeless wisdom having complete harmony.
If it would take a lifetime to show the harmony, then it would take an eternity to defy it!!

Your servant,
Ashish Tawari.

» Posted By Ashish On Nov 21, 2008 @ 5:29 am

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