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GBC resolutions 2012

The ISKCON Disciples Course is a training program which deepens devotees understanding of guru tattva and guru padasraya within the multiple guru environment of ISKCON. Designed for new devotees preparing to take initiation in ISKCON, the course is also recommended for leaders, preachers councilors and educators in ISKCON. The course was developed under the direction of the Guru Services Committee, with the combined efforts of leading educators in ISKCON. The course is based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada and current ISKCON Law and gives reference to the writings from the broader Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition. The 14 lessons include Powerpoint presentations, interactive workshops and assessment exercises.

Topics covered in the course:
Guru-tattva and the Guru-parampara System
Srila Prabhupada ISKCON Founder Acarya and Preeminent Guru
Types of Gurus
Relationship between ISKCON Guru and ISKCON Authorities
Gurus outside of ISKCON
Selecting a Guru
Following Initiation Vows
Guru-puja and Vyasa-puja
Worship of ISKCON Gurus
Guru-vapu and vani seva
Developing Cooperative Relationships in a multi Guru environment

Currently the course is being offered in Mayapur before the GBC meetings each year. It is also will be offered in other yatras during the upcoming months. The ISKCON Board of Examiners is currently working on establishing the qualifications to teach the course. It is currently being translated into the following languages:

We are working with the Bhaktivedanta College at Radhadesh in exploring the possibility of having the course available on line.

More information will be available later in the summer as we begin to make the course available on a large scale.

For more information contact:
Laxmimoni dasi – GBC Strategic Planning Team
Atul Krishna das – Mayapur Institute

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