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First ISKCON EU Farm Conference

Kavicandra Swami has brought forth a major topic discussed at the conference. We are living in precarious times. Oil, which most of the world is run on is not a renewable resource. Its price keeps rising which affects the food costs since most food is transported to the consumer. Guess what? Consumers (including most devotees) depend upon oil to get food.

Production of food on our farms is at the forefront of becoming sef-sufficient. Naturally the larger number of people to provide for, the greater the challenge. In a cold climate it is even more difficult to achieve food sufficiency. Canning, drying, root storage, and storage of all of it is necessary for the winter months. A storage unit with 3 seperate chambers, each 150 feet long by 20 feet wide was just built at New Vraja-dhama for this purpose.

Add to food production, alternative energy sources – working oxen, heating with wood, etc.
All these will beome more and more important as time progresses. Let all the ISKCON farms show the example. People will then flock to our farms. 25,000 visitors a year visit New Vraja-dhama.


» Posted By Balabhadra On Jun 1, 2008 @ 7:02 pm

Business Model For Vicarious Cow Protection

Dear Aspring_Vaishnav,

In regards to your comment 8 – We checked it out and it sounds like a good idea.

“We can follow this idea and modify existing cow protection website and add cow-killed calculators and accept donations from that website.”

Can you help us do this? We are not very computer savy. Please contact us at:

Dear Pandu,


In regards to comment 4: Sorry, forgot to update the About Us page on the ISCOWP site. Will do so soon.

» Posted By Balabhadra On Jan 19, 2007 @ 9:19 pm

Regarding comment 3: Our correct email address is

Regarding comment 4: Notice that the link for the Cow Standards takes you to the ISCOWP site:

Balabhadra is the president of ISCOWP and the ISKCON Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture. The ISCOWP site serves as an educational site for cow protection. At this site: Cow Protection, Book 1, the cow standards, and other educational materials can be downloaded, informative newsletters since 1991 are accessible, Original Cow T-shirts purchased, cows adopted, reources linked, oxpower instructions, etc.

Balabhadra also has a blog Life With the Cows and Land

At one point there was an ISKCON Ministry page on that linked the ISKCON Minstry for Cow Protection and Agriculture to the ISCOWP page. Whatever help any one would like to donate to help us claifiy the connection online is appreciated. We also need help to set up a shopping cart that would allow the purchase of the educationl disks on training oxen, the Cow Protection, Book 1, and more.

In regards to comment 1 : Madhava Gosh has been proposing this plan for many years. It is in the Cow Protection Book 1 and in other locations on the ISCOWP web page. Presently one of ISCOWP’s donors is setting the example by donating a dollar for every dollar he spends on commercial milk. His name is Vrindavana das, now living in Hawaii. He is a wonderful example and we pray that more devotees will follow him in this service. Whatever cow program inspires you , please give to Krsna’s cows.

» Posted By Balabhadra On Jan 19, 2007 @ 1:41 am

Vraja…where are you?

Dear Tom,


Thanks for telling us about Jack and Jake. Here at our ISCOWP farm we have gone through the passing away of several members of our herd. Each passing was unique, special and showed us in real life how these souls in bovine bodies are special to Lord Krishna. Here is part of the article “Great Sould Pass Away” which appeared in Vol 16 Issue 1 of the ISCOWP News.

“Saraswati left her body yesterday (3/30/06) at about 11 AM. We visited her the previous evening and she seemed weak but took water. In the morning, Balabhadra checked on her at 7:30 AM o’clock. She was lying down with her head going downhill. He raised her head by making a pillow of hay underneath her head. He went back to check on her at 9:30 AM and then again at 11:30 AM when she was no longer in her body.

There was very little struggling. She was down for 2 weeks. In the beginning, she tried to get up but when she realized she couldn’t she very stoically resigned herself. She stopped eating after 1 week and drank only water now and then the remaining week of her life. She appeared calm and peaceful. Saraswati was in the line of Maharaja Pariksit. She was given notice that she was going to die and she prepared for leaving her body while listening to Srila Prabhupada 24 hours each day in the last 2 weeks (we always play a continuous SP bhajan tape in the barn when a cow is down). She also took Yamuna water as an added blessing for her departure.

The day she died, she was buried a few hours later in what is becoming the cow graveyard near to the geriatric barn. Throughout her life and in her remaining days she was a gentle and sweet cow”.

» Posted By Balabhadra On Aug 18, 2006 @ 6:08 pm

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