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is there any evidence in our gaudiya history about any devotee getting killed or poisoned due to this seeds? i guess many children and elders must be touching pierced seeds and not washing hands to “decontaminate” the “poison” coming out of those maha garlands. Nobody is known to have been poionsed / killed. That’s the power of maha prasad, even if the seeds are poisonous! if Mira, who many of us don’t count among the best of devotees, can drink poison and not get affected, why not other devotees not get poisoned by maha prasad “poison”? so much is there to do with what we preach and what we practice.

the point is, even if someone dies by mistakenly consuming such so called poison from maha garlands, it’s not due to the poison of maha garlands but due to his previous karmas….just that his apparently accidentally occurred death gets purified by consuming maha garlands at the time of death. Of course, if someone tries to kill oneself by such “poison” then he/she is foolish and an offender.

I am not trying to discredit the information given. Certainly we should take care of it but the thing is spiritual phenomena are not always comprehensible by one and all and we shouldn’t look at or touch gunj malas with fear of getting poisoned. It’s like fire—we obvioulsy take care of ourselves while taking blessings from maha arati lamp. Gunja malas are dear to Lord Caitanya and so are dear to His devotees, even if they get “killed” by them, because devotees’ destination is at the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya, and that only what matters to them.

Hare Krishna.

ys, bbd

» Posted By Bhadra Balaram On Dec 27, 2006 @ 9:03 pm

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