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“Exploring the Bhagavad-gita” Wins Prestigious Choice Award

From the summary listed in the link, he does seem to follow our conclusion, I guess you have to read it to fully know:

Contents: Preface; General introduction; Setting the scene; The soul, Dharma and liberation; The path of enlightened action – part I; The supreme person’s descent; The path of enlightened action – part II; The path of classical Yoga; The vision of the supreme – part I; Quitting one’s body, the ephemeral and eternal worlds; The vsion of the supreme – part II; Arjuna’s change of heart and the divine manifestations; The cosmic revelation; Stages of devotion; The vision of the supreme in the heart; The 3 gunas; The journey from bondage to liberation; The divine and the demonic; The manifestation of the 3 gunas in human life; Summary and conclusion: taking refuge in Krishna alone; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.

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