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Why I am not vegan

Maintaining a dairy herd for milk will never be profitable, We have to understand the real value of the cow, bull and calf and that is in its dung and urine, even the “karmis” are coming to this re-discovery. This is what Lord Krishna did as a cowherd. He had 12 forests and rotated his cows over these, thus sustaining the forests and earth. Cows eat grass give fertilizer which grows grass and plants which sustains the earth. The ultimate machine better than any tractor. This is the ultimate ecosystem. It is how we are supposed to live. Old cows, young cows, milk or not, they are all most valuable.

One Man, One Cow, One Planet

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 13.05.2014 @ 09:50

The Hot Issue - Female Diksa Guru

Why become a “servant of the servant” when you can become master of the master (over Guru and eventually the Supreme Master, Lord Krishna) and then lord it over material nature (even spiritual?) Back to the material condition again…and again…what to do? I am a conditioned victim too, so my opinion is just my opinion.

Basically, any point can be argued to win, just like in junior debate clubs… sometimes those who shout loudest, do the most propaganda or print books more expensive and glossy than most books around, can win. Vox populi, Majority wins. Get with the times… Common sense is very uncommon. C’est la vie.

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 03.12.2013 @ 06:59

Response to Bhaktarupa and Madhavananda prabhus recent post on “Education and Guruship of Vaishnavis”

I assume that comment No.1 above suggests that we should think “out of the box” and view scriptural books with some degree of reservation.
We must remember that Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur revived the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition which had fallen into shahajiyism and other misdirections, he was that authorised person to re-establish the truth.
Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur was the next in line and after him was Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, all are in unison, with common purpose to revive the Bhakti cult. Indeed in the Bhagavad-Gita As-it-is, Srila Prabhupada clearly mentions that there are so many commentaries of Bhagavad-Gita and asks/answers the question as to why there is need for another there and then.
If comment no.1 is referring to our very recent acharyas writings and teachings then that is a direct contradiction to the statement “Books are the Basis.” Therefore the comment above cannot be taken out of context and be used as a singular philosophy to live by in this age.

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 16.01.2013 @ 03:05

Ironing T-Shirts With Spiritual Images On Them

Yes, this seems to be one of those things that is not really given that much attention these days in the age of easy printing and production of anything within a few days or even seconds.

Even many years ago in a temple compound I saw poster pictures of Sri Sita Rama Laxman Hanuman on the ground and later I was surprised to see pamphlets of SP on the ground, but how to reconcile this with preaching, perhaps taking a “not so easy” method of broadcasting a program through television or radio or word of mouth through street preaching. Maybe we don’t have the time these days?

Nowadays it is more and more prevalent. Alot of printing and pictures all over the place. I have seen key-rings with spiritual images tossed around, put in back pockets and sat on, dropped on the ground without touching to ones head after. Ironically I see immediate touching to the head if any Laxmi or money is dropped, why not the same for the Lord’s other paraphernalia?

If you put an image on a commonly used item or article of clothing it becomes a case of familiarity breeds indifference. Not ideal at all. However on “flip” side I have heard that the Mahamantra being distributed on popcorn packets being approved by Srila Prabhupada, as well as Krishna’s name in a newspaper article even though it was “unfavorable.”
Here in India the images and names are in newwspapers etc virtually everyday.. Just as we speak, in Mayapur there are ads by a certain company for “underwear” with Radha-Krishna images, simply put there for commercial advertising.

In many temples we see the images or the holy names used on incense packets and throw-away prasada packaging. I once witnessed a temple visitor absolutely livid about “us” in temples using the images in this way. Perhaps some careful consideration on our use, overuse or even abuse of the Lords name and paraphernalia. How can one do this to someone who is dear to them? It said that “Attention to detail is sign of love.”

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 26.11.2012 @ 16:05

To Be Heavy, Without The Weight

There is one word sadly missing from this article which is kindness. Sometimes you may have to be “heavy” to be kind. It is not black and white preaching either this or that. Each circumstance is different.

One situation, preaching in Orlando yatra to a newcomer who had been exposed heavily to Mayavadi influence. We did not compromise we were extremely forthright in our preaching, dispelling all his “mayavadi gibberish” You could say we were very harsh from one perspective. Last year that same person came to Mayapur and got initiated he specifically thanked me for that particular day where we smashed his misconceptions. Our intentions were not to be superior or heavy but it was a no compromise mood, we wanted to help him but not allow his foolish philosophy.

So just black and white may not work, other incidents required delicate handling. One young American boy, he was materially well situated he would come regularly to the temple at lunchtime when no-one else was around. Simply by kind words and generous prasadam with mild preaching he kept his interest, he eventually joined full time. I knew he was perplexed by some personal problem and sincerely explained to him in detail how we all exploit each other for sense enjoyment and that there is no real love and there is a need to take care of the person fully,which is actually original traditional caring culture I could see that he was touched by that.
We had UCF students coming over they just liked the prasadam and kirtan and cooking classes and that was it, we would not inject too much philosophy, some devotees take a long time to get the message

It appears to me *personally* that your article paints a black and white picture that we should only go soft but kindly consider what you already know, that preaching is dynamic. Time place and circumstance, and I am sure that you apply different techniques to different situations
It is also my perhaps misguided opinion that your article is somewhat directed towards HH Bhakti Vikas Swami. My wife has personally witnessed him gently singing “Jaya Radhe, Jaya Krishna…” and gently caressing, as one would to a sick child, the head of elderly former Muslim mataji disciple who was gravely ill in hospital. Strong does not mean heartless.

In any case the preacher decides on how to preach under direction of guru,sadhu, shastra It is a dynamic, intelligent process, each case different. We can accommodate both strong and soft, your view and others too.

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 23.10.2012 @ 02:32

…Continued from previous post…

When I am no longer present, take care to serve your dear Sri Mayapur-dham. This is my special instruction to you. People who are like animals can never attain devotion; never accept their advice. But do not let them know this, either directly or indirectly.

I had a special desire to propagate the importance of such books as Srimad-Bhagavatam, Sat-sandarbha, and Vedanta-darshan. Now you must assume that responsibility. Sri Mayapur will prosper if you inaugurate an educational institution there.

Never try to amass knowledge or money for your own sense gratification; they should be acquired only for Krishna’s service. Never take bad association, either for money or any personal interest.”

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 06.10.2012 @ 21:53

“Even Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, serious and ‘heavy’ as he was, was full of humour.”

Reminds me of the time the author of Sri Bhaktisiddhanta Vaibhav, H.H. Bhakti Vikas Swami Maharaj when he sent a mail (maybe 10years ago) to all his disciples with a list of hollywood movies he recommended them to watch. (which may have some abstract Krishna conscious theme or philosophical similarity)
I was with one disciple when he received the mail, after scrutinizing the mail several times for the actual list, speculating on failed attachments, looking for followup mails we figured the meaning, with much amusement.

From HHBVKS….etc.

Below is a list of movies that my disciples can watch;

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada

Just came across this article below since we are mentioning Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur found on the official ISKCON site (An excerpt from SBV)
In 1914, just a few weeks before passing away, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura had expressed his mano-‘bhishta (heart’s desire) to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur, instructing him to establish daiva-varnasrama, preach shuddha-bhakti, develop Sridham Mayapur, and publish Vaishnava writings in the following words:

“Worldly people who are proud of their aristrocratic birth cannot attain actual aristocracy. Therefore they attack pure Vaisnavas, claiming that they have taken birth in low-class families because of their sins. Thus they commit offenses. The means to rectify this situation is to institute daiva-varnasrama-dharma. You have started to do that. Know it to be real service to Vaisnavas.

Due to lack of shudha-bhakti-siddhanta prachar(preaching), all manner of womanish bad theories and instructions are being called devotion by pseudo-sampradayas such as sahajiya and ativadi. Always crush these anti-devotional conceptions by bhakti-siddhanta prachar and proper achar(personal conduct). Try to begin the parikrama of Sridham Navadvipa as soon as possible. Thereby everyone in the universe can receive Krishna-bhakti. Diligently endeavour to ensure that service to Sri Mayapur becomes permanently established and more resplendent each day. Genuine service to Mayapur is not nirjana-bhajan, but to establish a printing press and to propagate devotional books and Nama-hatta. Do not for your own sake undertake nirjana-bhajan and thus impede preaching and service to Sri Mayapur.

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 06.10.2012 @ 21:41

Hate Mayavada to Love Krishna

As per comment no 28.

“Bhakta Piyush posed some questions. The first one asks about people or mayavadis engaging in Krishna’s service by “just” helping to cut vegetables. As if to say, “Is that all?” Please Bhakta Piyush, but devotional service is the most rare and glorious of all human activities….Please associate with wise experienced devotees to help clear up your confusion.”

It is odd that you infer all of the above when all i asked was “When they visit the temple only to help with festivals etc.” It simply means that their only business would be to help out with a festival, how you interpreted it was completely off. Perhaps you should also practice what you have been trying to preach all this time. I could literally feel the negativity in your comment, that must be also because I am just an inexperienced bhakta I guess.
My possible misinterpretation of this whole agenda is that you are trying to paint some devotees who preach “strongly” as “bad”. I am sorry if you think that is wrong or inexperienced. I humbly exit from this discussion for the lack of maturity.

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 30.10.2012 @ 16:43

How then we should deal with Mayavadi’s or their philosophy?

1. When they visit the temple only to help with festivals etc.

2. When they preach the Mayavadi philosophy to us.

3. If they insult our Acharyas, Lord or devotees?

Should we be tolerant to a certain limit, what is that limit if any?

What is the most expert way to deal in such situations? Perhaps some prepared guideline is available, or someone can prepare it?

How to reconcile controversial topics?

Or should we avoid all discussions on philosophy and just be friends for better understanding? I am confused, I hope the learned devotees can guide me.

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 27.10.2012 @ 03:50

Nectar of Devotion Lectures
Sanātana Gosvāmī has, in his Hari-bhakti-vilāsa, has very strongly recommended that, “Don’t hear anything from, about Kṛṣṇa, from the Māyāvādīs or the avaiṣṇavas.”
The Nectar of Devotion — Bombay, January 8, 1973:

Kṛṣṇa is unknown, a black thing. A Māyāvādī, great philosopher of this city, he has explained like that. The Māyāvādī philosopher, Dr. Radhakrishnan, “It is not to Kṛṣṇa.” So the Māyāvādīs’ only business is—because they’re avaiṣṇava not Vaiṣṇava—only business is to kill Kṛṣṇa. Sanātana Gosvāmī has, in his Hari-bhakti-vilāsa, has very strongly recommended that, “Don’t hear anything from, about Kṛṣṇa, from the Māyāvādīs or the avaiṣṇavas.” Those who are follower, those who are advanced in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, they can protest. They can immediately chastise the rascal, “What you are nonsense speaking?”

But a kaniṣṭha-adhikārī, he cannot challenge, therefore it is forbidden for them.
Not to hear, kaniṣṭha-adhikārī. For an advanced devotee, this Māyāvādī cannot do anything, but those who are neophyte, they become sometimes victim. Therefore, it is better to forbid them, not to hear. So Sanātana Gosvāmī has said, as Kṛṣṇa has said, satāṁ prasaṅgān mama vīrya-saṁvido bhavanti hṛt-karṇa-rasāyanāḥ kathāḥ (SB 3.25.25). In the association of pure devotees, kṛṣṇa-kathāḥ becomes very relishable. Hṛt-karṇa-rasāyanāḥ. It is relishable, it is very pleasing to the ear, and to the heart.

For the Māyāvādī philosopher there is no question of love. They merge. They want sāyujya-mukti, to become one.
Philosophy Discussion on Jacques Maritain:

Śyāmasundara: He says that this is…, because of this spiritual personality that he can know and love God.

Prabhupāda: Yes. Without person how there can be love? There is no question of love. You cannot love air or sky; you must find out a man or woman in the, under the sky. So therefore if you want to love God then you must accept God is a person; otherwise there is no question of love. Therefore for the Māyāvādī philosopher there is no question of love. They merge. They want sāyujya-mukti, to become one. They have no other conception, because they cannot conceive personal God. So there is no love. Therefore they manufacture an idea that in the material condition of life, you just imagine any form of God and love Him, and ultimately you become one. That is their philosophy…

Comment Posted By bhakta piyush On 21.10.2012 @ 03:44


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