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Should Devotees Use Positive Thinking Techniques?

…That is only done by giving not taking. When we serve our friends we give and our friend in turn serves us. Since we are quantitatively finite in our ability to serve, the quality of our service is vital. Since God is quantitatively and qualitatively infinite…we could only hope to fractionally comprehend God’s service to us as we reestablish our relationship with the supreme.

» Posted By BhaktaTim On Sep 28, 2009 @ 6:23 pm

“Positive thinking” is an incomplete strategy for eliminating suffering. In this material existence we will experience loss, discomfort, sickness, old age and eventually death. No one is exempt from these experiences no matter how practiced they are at the art of positive thinking. They will merely shift their focus, desire and attitude and be left with a filtered reality. Would it be a miscalculation to suggest positive thinkers are in denial of reality and negative thinkers are overwhelmed by reality? It seems that positive thinkers use past events as learning experiences (or ignore them all together), the present is an opportunity and place hope in “favorable” future outcomes. Negative thinkers are absorbed in the past, are catatonic or destructive in the present and fear the future. Admittedly, positive thinking is healthy psychology as long as it is based on our attitudes concerning reality and not an omission of reality. I would like to suggest that “what” we think about certainly supersedes “how” we think about something and the “what” greatly influences our experience of reality and the originating necessity to compulsorily manifest positive attitudes in the first place. The “what” is generated from our values in life. When we value the temporary we necessitate this cycle of hankering and lamenting. Positive thinking is the answer to the lamenting. Positive thinking will either eliminate the experience of lamentation or weaken it significantly. It will not eliminate the cycle of hankering and lamenting, it will just cloak the lamentation experience. Therefore we are constantly in a perceived state of hankering. Positive thinking, in actuality, is a shift in attachment; from what’s lost to what’s desired. So, how do we transcend this less than ideal pattern? We upgrade our hopes, attachments and desires. We upgrade “what” we think about. What do we upgrade to? To something that can’t be lost or taken. We upgrade to something permanent. We upgrade to a sincere desire for Krishna.

» Posted By BhaktaTim On Sep 28, 2009 @ 6:23 pm

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