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Rudrani’s Passing

Om Ajnana -Timirandasya
Jnananjana- salakaya
Caksur unlimited yena
Tasmai sri-gurave namah

Our Dear Rudrani mata
My dear Friend Rudraniji
PAMHO, AGTSP. It is always easy to say Hi to a friend and exchange greetings when people meet, but when it comes to say the last hello to a friend like you it is not easy at all, because memories of life comes in the mind and mixed feelings of happiness and distress overwhelming the the heart do to separation.
Henry Heminway writings comes to my mind , “ for whom the Bell Tolls.” El’ Sordo’s last stand comes to my mind unwillingness to believe in blind faith… speaks also about Loyalty and Courage, Loyalty to your, our Spiritual master A.C Bhaktivedanta srila Prabhupada Those two qualities ARE the true emblem of a preacher, a fighter to your calibre, and you our dear Rudrani have exhibited all these vaisnava qualities on His name. Nothing personal. Always ready to spread kindness loving and caring words and be truthful , sweet and compassionate with a dose of humour and honesty .
In your quite place town living along with the family members , you were able to monitor the devotional thermometer of our temple, by rendering unconditional devotional service to the “Queen of Vraja” “ Srimati Tulsi maharani”, who served you also faithfully untill the last moment of yur life.
I am happy today because the Lord grand you a Royal place in His Kingdom , an eternal safe palace to live with all his associates , gopis and gopas. He freed you from all the miseries of this material coverings , the material body and all the calamities. But I am a little sad today because I will miss your association , your loving and encouraging words, the privacy and protection , the loving aura that you were creating around every body who was coming to meet you!!.
I will always remember , telling to Dr Sananda, your husband in a tender wifely manor, “ You always tell me to relax “ , “leave me alone”. ready to give instructions do to the supreme duty that the disciple have towards the spiritual master to help others. In my eyes you are a true Sankirtanero.
Mother P with her sisterly affection will always remember and be surprised how well you exhibited the last moments of your life, in this material world. She is so proud of you along with other members of the family.
Sananda prabhu your life’s companionship, your eternal servant the glorious Shantii the closest shaki, other family members brothers, sisters , temple devotees , krsna’s friends, we all offer you our most dear respectful obeisance’s, to you Lotus feet.
Your insignificant servant and friend
Truly yours
Bhakti devi dasi ( Elizabeth Barreca)
P. S Rudrani ,you always will be my life’s star, Idol saintly personality, please pray for me and my soul also for my family from were you are as we always leave together eternally, my dear senior Godsister. May Lord krsna keeps you close and tide in His abode.

» Posted By Bhakti devi On Dec 12, 2006 @ 7:50 pm

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