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The synthesis of the Puranas and the Siddhantas (Mythology or Science)

Hare Krsna Adbhuta Hari Prabhu and Vaishnavas,
Please Accept My Humble Obeisances,

You had nicely presented this article on the said seminar and also you quoted many of the later findings related to similarities between Puranas and Siddhantas by the team of Vamshi Prabhu under the guidance of HH Danavir Maharaj. As you know, the real efforts were made by Prabhu, though busy in pursuing his PhD, is bringing out many documents related to cosmology research, and also inspiring many in this field, is the one to be sited here. Unfortunately I was not involved much in continuing this research. But however, I like to quote some points related here. You may like it.

Western scholarship regarding Indology and linguistics has disputes within disputes, All they want to do is to bring Sanskrit under some thing else like proto-Sanskrit speaking people, which otherwise will throw them to accept Sanskrit speaking people are the earliest of all the civilizations and says that remaining all are its daughter civilizations, including the Summer(u), Akkad etc. In the way they say that the Hitti and Akkad languages are contemporary to Vedic Sanskrit. The problem is even in the Hitti texts, Gods like Indra, Varuna etc are invoked at some rituals. It also says that the Mittani kingdom is ruled by Sanskrit speaking people (Aryans). The influence of this Mittani kingdom on the Hitties, Asrians and the later Greeks etc are now coming under limelight.

The proposed influence of Greco-Roman world on the Puranas and the Siddhantas is slowly loosing its popularity now, in contrary the influence of Vedas, its Gods,its Rituals, its Mathematics and its Astronomy and Astrology on the civilizations even earlier to Greeks and Romans are building up enthusiasm for further research. Also all these ancient civilizations used the same lunisolar calendar as the Vedas do. This proves that the Greeks who raised later, know all the Vedic Gods with their names. Prabhupad in SSR said Krsna in Greek language is known as Christos and later as Christ in English.

The honesty and truthfulness of western scholarship in Vedas is left to itself. Many hypotheses come inbetween and disputes with others. There is no harmony inbetween themselves (how can they challenge harmony between Puranas and Siddhantas?).
Yours Servant,

» Posted By Bhanu Prakash On Dec 3, 2008 @ 7:15 am

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