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Say NO! to vaccines

Hare Krishna’s At Risk!! Upon reading a recent Dandavats posting accusing a large percentage of the world’s health care professionals of doing “the work of raksashas,” I was appalled. As a health care professional, I felt it my duty to reply to this unprofessional commentary on vaccine safety. The author conjures up fears in the hearts of devotees with statements like, “officials are deliberately suppressing data about the safety of vaccines,” and “governments lie when they tell us vaccines are safe.” It begs the question, does this author have children who he/she cares for or any medical background from which he/she speaks?
I personally have a child, a newborn, who recently survive a traumatic birth experience only to return home to battle a significant risk of returning to ICU due to the lack of vaccine awareness amongst devotees. Pertussis also known as “whooping cough,” has travelled here to San Francisco Bay Area by way of Alachua and infected a number of adults and children here. Considering that 50% of newborns who contract pertussis are hospitalized, I became very concerned. Because I had heard little of pertussis in my few years as a nurse and due to the lack of prevalence here in the United States, I did some research and learned that pertussis is one of the leading causes of vaccine-preventable deaths world-wide.
This may not speak to the safety of the vaccine but I assure you that risks of death and disability from contracting pertussis is much higher and therefore as a responsible parent I made sure my vaccination was up to date and ensured my wife receive the vaccine immediately. These sacrifices are far less than other parents here have had to endure such as administering antibiotics and caring for their sick children. When my child is old enough to receive his vaccine he will receive his vaccine because not doing so would be selfish of me.
It is not surprising to see this outbreak come out of Alachua because not too long ago Alachua devotees were the source of a measles outbreak in 2007. The first the county had seen in 20 years. “A University of Florida student was one of four measles cases reported to the Alachua County Health Department,” “the four patients were not required to receive the immunization because they had religious waivers,” “All four patients are members of Hare Krishna” sect (University Wire May ’07). The last major measles epidemic in the United States led to the hospitalization of 11,000 children and to the death

» Posted By Bhimasena On Aug 15, 2009 @ 10:33 pm

The Stepping Stones To Real Cow Protection

Thank for this thought provoking article and thank you for your continued dedication to the mission of Srila Prabhupada. I have spent very little time in community agriculture and have spent a lot of time idealizing the lifestyle. Please allow me to critique your message conveyed in this interview.

Since much of the interview discusses principles of cow protection and its obstacles in creating a “working model,” I would like to visit this issue from a somewhat different angle.

Many reasons were listed as to why there is not a “working model.” I would like to argue that there is not working model because of a lack of honesty. Reasoning such as “no subsidy, no farm” can be a disservice towards developing a “working model.”

The root of the “working model’s” true obstacles were explained in two ways in your interview. First you acknowledged by stating, “THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM IS SPIRITUAL.” Second, the university students expressed the “irrelevance” of our “philosophical chauvinism” and “hypocrisy.”

There is harmony is these two angles of reasoning, because the lack of honesty and hypocricy in our spiritual development has created a culture of “nostalgic” status quo resulting in ISKCON communities who pretend to value cow protection.

Spiritual community truly exists when it is a community of WORK based on the needs of the community; work which actualizes the relationship between the community’s production and consumption of resources.

Spiritual community that is not built on a secure foundation of honesty will naturally evolve into “nostalgic maintenance burden in isolation” which breeds denial.

A critique from the most hypocritical, Bhimasena

» Posted By Bhimasena On Jan 26, 2009 @ 10:12 pm

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