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We’re looking for a few good vaisnavas

Dear Yugala Kishor dasa,

Pamho. Agtsp.

Thank you for your commentary. You have helped to validate for others readers some of the objections that I posited as rationales for not preaching to inmates. Although, again they are not suitable reasons to abstain from this seva, or this seva may not be for you, I would, however, like to draw your attention to two personalities in the ISKCON movement who were characterized as the most sinful.

If you are familiar with this story, please indulge me while I recount this pastime. If you recall, Lord Nityananda Prabhu came upon two abominable brothers, Jagai and Madhai. Their reputation for womanizing, cheating, drinking, and killing exceeded all levels of debauchery. They were disturbed to here the chanting of the Holy name and made arrangements to check the chanting by their personal intervention. Madhai struck Lord Nityananda Prabhu with a clay pot causing him to bleed. When Lord Caitanya heard of this infraction He immediately went to the spot to punish the brothers. Yet, due to the mercy of Lord Nityanand, the two brothers displayed a repentant demeanor and Lord Caitanya also extended his mercy. You can say that these two brothers received a double dose of mercy from the Supreme Lord. These two brothers, who were characterized as the most sinful were converted into sadhus, saintly personalities.

Additonally, this ISKCON movement was embraced by and infiltrated with some of the very people that you have concern for speaking to, the Jagai/Madhai prototype. A frustrated 60’s counter culture was looking for something genuine. Therefore, they joined the movement. Some took the movement seriously and stayed. Some continued their criminal activities and where either removed or recapitulated into the organizations in purposeful sevas, which eventually curbed if not resolved their aberrant behaviors. Therefore, the basis of your argument does not support the foundation of this movement or Lord Caitanya’s mission.

When any perspective Bhakta, or Bhaktin enters the temple, how can we be sure that they don’t have some past criminal activity? Moreover, what of those who currently hold positions of authority or those near and dear to us? For that matter what about our past criminal activities? As a concession of being in the material abode our memories are limited, and the duration of life is short. That is one of the four parts of having imperfect senses. This is called Kali Yuga. Having contact with the material world implicates us in past criminal activity. Simply you and I are operating on a minimum-security status due to the degree of our past and present criminal activity, where as those I am suggesting that we preach to are on a higher level security status due to their respective criminal activities. Residence in the material world and the nature of the bodies we obtain is predicated on our karmic activities, criminal or otherwise. Chanting of the Holy name is simply a solution to resolve our material existence and reposition us in our original position as servant.

The entire material abode is characterized as prison. Therefore, that makes all the inhabitance prisoners. We are all at varied custody levels. However, due to the mercy of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu we have benefited from his mandate, the spreading of the holy name through every town and village. If the mind-set not to preach to inmates (such as you and I) or “prisoners within the prison within the prison”, then there would be no reason for Krsna to descend when there is a decline in religiosity.

Again, thank you for your commentary as well as other. Dialog on this issue helps to bring real purpose to servicing a community that is often forgotten.

Your servant,

Candra dasa

» Posted By Candra dasa On Dec 5, 2007 @ 9:23 pm

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