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Nine Reasons to Change the Design of the TVP

The poll is not biased. There are basically two options – approve or disapprove.

Now, if you approve of the present design, you will see no need for further action. However, if you disapprove, there are five options provided in the poll for what action the designers could take in order to achieve your approval.

The first decision that the voter has to make is whether he/she approves or disapproves of the present design as it is. If you approve, then vote for option 1 but if you disapprove, you can choose one of the other five options.

Some people may disapprove of the present design but think that the basic structure is OK as long as some features are adjusted, others may only be satisfied by a new Indian design, etc. This poll fairly allows for several options in terms of recommended future action, without lumping everyone into the same category of simply “I disapprove.”

This poll would be biased if the voters were choosing their vote, from 1 to 6, by some random process, or if the voters were somehow influenced (by the greater number of options for disaapproval) to change their vote from approval to disapproval. Hopefully that is not the case and the voters are intelligent human beings who can vote acording to their own opinion.

I assume that the final results will be fairly presented according to the number of votes for each of the six options.

» Posted By Carana Renu Dasi On Aug 22, 2008 @ 3:06 pm

Does Sex Attraction Bring People to Krishna?

If we can utilise wealth, fame, knowledge, strength, and renunciation in Krishna’s service, then why not beauty too? I would have to ask whether the female devotees engaged in these dances feel exploited. I doubt it. Rather, they seem to be very happy to be able to engage their natural talents in devotional service. Both men and women can be attracted to join ISKCON by seeing the young ladies having a wonderful time in Krishna consciousness.

I haven’t seen any example of female devotees being forced into doing some Rasa Lila or Harinama dance against their will (I would be opposed to that of course). The only examples that I know about are ones where the ladies have taken the initiative themselves, because they like to perform and they believe that they can help attract others to Krishna consciousness in that way.

I think that such dances show people that women in ISKCON can engage their talents in various ways, have fun and be appreciated. If some men happen to notice that there are attractive young women in ISKCON, I don’t see a problem with that, and it might even inspire them to take up Krishna consciousness. Men will notice the attractive Vaisnavis whether they are dancing on stage, giving a Bhagavad-gita class, playing a musical instrument or just sitting around doing nothing.

My opinion is that these dances can be effective in attracting people to learn more about Krishna consciousness, or at least provide a favourable impression of ISKCON. Of course, that depends on the dancers having some natural talent for dancing and being well-rehearsed – if they are not very good at what they do they can have the opposite effect, but the same is true for any kind public presentation.

My only concern about such dances is that the dancers be properly protected in case they get hassled before, during, or after their performance. Female devotees sometimes get hassled even while dancing in a regular Harinama and it is the duty of the male devotees to step in and assist them.

» Posted By Carana Renu dasi On Dec 10, 2007 @ 8:57 pm

Service opportunities for the Vedic Planetarium

In reply to vik126: yes, we are certainly aware of Sadaputa Prabhus important work. In fact he is also involved in our research efforts.

In reply to Caitanya Candrodaya dasa: We are conducting research from all angles, using various approaches. We have scientists on the team, as well as Sanskrit scholars, philosophers and theologians, and we are taking advice and contributions from many senior devotees (including both Sadaputa Prabhu and Danavir Maharaja).

» Posted By Carana Renu dasi On May 6, 2007 @ 6:44 pm

New Scientific Hare Krishna website

As a “Hare Krishna” (ISKCON member) and a scientist, I would just like to say, for the record, that the website does not reflect my views on science. I also doubt that it properly reflects the views of other scientists who are Hare Krishna devotees, at least the ones I know. Therefore, the title “The Hare Krishna Views On science” is probably misleading. I would not like for people I know to read the content of the site and consider that I, as a Hare Krishna, share those views.

Also, I noticed that the owners of the website are using the name “Bhaktivedanta Institute” but, as far as I know, they have no official connection with the Bhaktivedanta Institutes in Mumbai/Berkeley and in Kolkata, and therefore the website should not necessarily be taken as representing the views of the Bhaktivedanta Institute.

Aside from the content, I would advise the owners of the website to study the presentation style of successful scientific websites. The current design is very off-putting and the result is that the website is unlikely to be taken seriously by most readers. It could also result in ISKCON scientists being taken less seriously in the scientific world.

» Posted By Carana Renu dasi On Jan 17, 2007 @ 12:54 pm

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