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Secrets of the Bible

Dhira Nitai Prabhu’s views are very wise and erudite. From everything I’ve read written by devotees of Krishna it seem to me: not sectarian, well founded, reveal a kind heart and seem to me worthy of a true devotee who puts his trust in his Guru, without attacking the other masters disciples .

As a Christian I thank the recognized prabhu and offer to provide my prayers to Lord Jesus Christ to keep him in His Sacred Heart.

God’s blessings to all prabhus and Matajis.

Carlos Reis

» Posted By Carlos Reis On Jun 13, 2011 @ 8:16 pm

Jaynarayan Prabhu:

Indeed the Lord Jesus Christ did not give a mantra to his disciples, He gave Himself in the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. It is of Him that his disciples make the experience of the Father by the Holy Spirit.

Being a disciple of Jesus, is more than receiving knowledge: it is able to participate consciously in the life of Holy Trinity – is what the Lord called ‘born again’ and that granted to his disciples through baptism.
This is done from 2,000 years ago in an uninterrupted succession disciple historically proven throughout the apostolic churches and accepted by all, for all.

Once the Lord’s disciples asked him to teach them to pray in their own way and the Lord Jesus Christ gave his disciples the Our Father – is what most will approach the gift of a mantra in the Eastern tradition. Until now, all the disciples pray this prayer that is understood by Christians as the most perfect prayer.

The Blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ to all vaisnhavas.

» Posted By Carlos Reis On Jun 12, 2011 @ 10:03 am

May God Bless you.
The Holy Bible is a book who cames from life: the God’s life into the life of mankind.
Jesus dont’t came from the New Testament, but the Scriptures came from Jesus. The Church don’t came from the Testament, but the Testament came from the Church (Jesus accepted disciples). Maybe you don’t know christians who are from a Church who embraces a really disciplic sucession – the Apostolic Churches.
Maybe you know too some people who call themselves vaisnhavas, with a very good heart, but who aren’t in a really disciplic sucession from Chaitanya…
The christians have too an unbreakable system of disciplic sucession – is call the Apostolic Sucession – and is very important.
The key to read the Holy Scriptures are this disciplic sucession.
A Sacred Book is to read and be understood in a particular Tradition – the tradition of the book, in a disciplic sucession.
Because this, for the Apostolic Christians, the Bible is not the only authority (‘sola scriptura’), but too the Authority of the community (‘magisterium’) and the Tradidion.

I see everytime Hare Krishna people say that they honored Lord Jesus Christ, but – I’m sorry to say this – this is not really true: you work to make Jesus and His Words different from the truth and the reallity.
Jesus was not a vaisnhava! I’m a Jesus disciple – I’m not a vaisnhava!

How you feel if people do the same to yours Acharyas and create and propagate stories and phantasies?!
You want, first, learn about Jesus from His disciples, in a really disciplic sucession. You are a vaisnavi, you know that only the accepted disciples can tell about the lila and the words of a Master…
Jesus is/was not a vaisnava. Accept this. Why don’t accept that someone is good but different from my faith and my perspective??!

You know that is hard to be a disciple… Why attack christians? Are all vaisnavas perfect in they way of life ?!
I hope I don’t hurt your feelings. I only want respect to my Master Jesus and to the disciples of my master.

May Jesus Christ bless you, and Mother Mary take care of you.

crx – Portugal

» Posted By Carlos Reis On May 20, 2011 @ 2:46 pm

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