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Varnasrama and Varna Sankara

Very nice article, I have been talking to several young people, many know of girls who are pregnant or have recently had a child most of whom are descrided as a mistake or poor contraception. A distinct lack of understanding of what even a basic relationship is, infact we see that most articles aimed at our young promotes a sexual relationship as an essential part.
We have also seen an increase in knife crime especailly with the young who see it as cool or simply out of fear feel the need to carry one for their own protection. With the UK goverment targating young girls to may be confince their boy friends to stop carrying knives.
As you have so wonderfully pointed out no one has addressed the real issue, reminds us how important our young are and also our own responsibility as an abult is

» Posted By DJH On Mar 21, 2007 @ 8:54 am

Krishna Bedtime Stories

It has been my desire to find a book for my nice, up till now when she has visited I have abridged one of the chapters in the Krsna book. It is nice that the desire has been met in such a loving way.
Many Thanks, I look forward to many more books being published for our childre.

» Posted By DJH On Mar 5, 2007 @ 11:02 pm

The Kazakhstan Campaign: Clarifying the Facts, Addressing the Myths

Hare Krsna
Many thanks for clarifying the facts.
For those devotees wiling to look all this information is already available if some time is taken.
The concerns have been raised by many western goverments who as you have raised this issue.
It was only with the support of the Hindu community that helped Bhaktividanta Manor when the then UK govermant tried to stop any KC activities.
Srila Prabhupada was also given shelter from the Hindu community when he first arrived in the west, and as you have pointed out demonstrated that at times this is necessary. And let us also remember that it is the Hindu community that helps pay for many of the festivels and temple costs.
again thanks for your time taken in looking closely at the facts and concerns raised
I hope that the devotees will stop questioning and look at practically helping devotees who’s only crime is love of Krsna

» Posted By DJH On Jan 18, 2007 @ 8:38 am

Our Heart in Vrindavana…and our intelligence and hands and pocketbook, too!

Thank you for your openness in this article.
I feel sad that in a way we have failed Srila Prabhupada and hope this imitiative will go some way to make these holy dhamas a specticle the whole world would be attracted to.

» Posted By DJH On Jan 13, 2007 @ 8:39 pm

Nama Hatta in USA

I am always inspired when I read about devotee’s experience in the early days of ISKCON it helps me to try to carry on as best I can.
Unfortunatly this mentality is still prevelant, that if you are out side of the temple you are out of it,or sort of attracted to Krsna but not really.
My Guru Maharaga had asked me to make my work as Krsna Concious as possible, this I have tried to do with some result.
I did have permission of both social services and the police but when I took people to the temple this was met with hostility and a letter stating I was not part of or represented ISKCON, I have nearly eight people who wish to come and visit the temple, including several school groups but because of this I cannot bring them to See the deities, this for me is devestating.
I have been told that the only service is to the temple and temple president and this is over and above that of your Spiritual master.
I am confused by it all, but glad to read your very positive out look.
Many Thanks

» Posted By DJH On Dec 31, 2006 @ 11:08 am

Atma Yoga: the full picture

Hare Krsna
Yes a well writen article.

The service done by Atmananda Prabhu has helped bridge the gap between the Yoga society expects and the higher taste of loving devotional service.
At the end of a good work out we had a lovely abridged resitation from the Bhagavatam,with obasances being given at the end.
I know of several devotees who are succesfully using this format to make people become more attracted to Krsna.
What ever it takes to bring people into devotional service is always good.

Many Thanks

» Posted By DJH On Dec 31, 2006 @ 1:40 pm

Protecting Vaisnavis

Latita Madhava d.d.
You ask very important questions and I thank you.
I am going to reply in an open way and share my thoughts.
On the childrens wards I had on occasions had to put in a course for concern, and on one occasion refused to discharge a child untill a child protection doctor had been to see her. I am glad to say he agreed to my assessment and her discharge was delayed.
I also not that the children most young girls had felt that they had themselves deserved this punichment as they had see it happen to their mums.
Myself a rape victim lernt later on that my mum was forced to give sexual favours or risk being hit, like me as a child.
Eventually I plucked up enough courage to go to the police, I have many problems and this has hindered my relationship with others but most of all with the devotees.
I feel safe and secure in ISKCON now but this was not the case even a year ago.
Protection of woman and children is always difficult and at times hard as the victim becomes attached and even loves the person who is committing the crime, many prosecution fail becouse the victim withdraws the statment, he will stop, it wont happen again, he loves me, he was going through a hard time, it wasn’t his fault.
We can only be their, and if they are willing then we can help.
Sometimes though we have to make a stand.
The last time I looked at my parents was at the crown courts in Chester, it is a price I had to pay to protect my brothers and sisters.
On the wards sometimes I had to face the wroth of the parents again in order to protect the child, sometimes the child would be returned with help and support for the parent, sometimes the child would be removed.
By educating the young men to respect woman eventually we will see it violance towards them diminish.
I hope this goes some way to answer your question

» Posted By DJH On Dec 31, 2006 @ 1:32 pm

This is a small but significant step towards protection of both woman and children and as far as I am aware ISKCON is the only movement trying to address this issue on a global scale.
Do we realise how long it took the UK’s National Health Service to instigate child protection laws and the fact that dispite this we still at times hear that the system fails.
The UK goverment only this month anounced an increase in the budget of providing safe rooms for woman, so as vunrable times they can lock themselves away untill the danger is removed or the police intervine.
The devotees are well aware of the scale of the task ahead and it may be years before we see the desired results, but a start is a start.
The child protection guidelines are far wider than that of the NHS which is good to see.
I am greatful to all the devotees who are engaged in this service, after all Srila Prabhupada wanted ISKCON as a place we can all go to and feel protected and make spiritual progress

» Posted By DJH On Dec 31, 2006 @ 10:09 am

The one thing that attracted me to the devotees was their openess and honesty.
The one thing that helped me get over my sexual abuse was Srila Prabhupada’s books and the loving care and understanding of the ladys from New Zealand who were visiting the UK.
I was scared of being involved in any religious organization as my farther was a ministerial servent for the Jehovahs Witnesses and several of the congregational elders knew about it but did nothing, later they said it was for me to forgive as what he did was nothing major.
I also had the oppertunity to speak to Tamohara prabhu on his visit to Bhaktividanta Manor his presentation was amazing and much better than the child protection lectures I recieved whilst working on the childrens wards, Although a bit sad I didn’t get an e-mail of the notes.
Their is no way I can ever repay the devotees for healing the wounds created in my childhood and although I am not a woman (I am one of the few male child rape victims) it is only within ISKCON do I feel safe.
I hope this helps other to be inspired to at least trust, yes mistakes were made in the past but ISKCON has learnt so much from these errors and can heal and help all those injured souls in need of healing

» Posted By DJH On Dec 28, 2006 @ 12:36 am

Television: The No. 1 Public Enemy of Devotion

It reminds me of a class given by Mother Urmula DD.
She said how many devotees come with this or that problem and that one of the main things they had in common? The television, with it being prominant in the home.

I feel a sense of disapointment when I have visited devotees and they have had to watch the latest installment of a soap opera.

We have so many books to read, lectures to listen, videos of Srila Prabhupada that can take up our time.

I am also reminded that Srila Prabhupada says that life out side of the temple should be the same as that inside the temple, same requirements non diffrent.

So those with a TV watching the latest soaps, movies and sport should ask themselves this, when was the last time they went to the temple just to watch TV?

If the answer is never then get rid of this total waste of time.

Many thanks for the facts and reminder

» Posted By DJH On Dec 24, 2006 @ 2:13 pm

The Amish, Learning From ‘The Plain People’

Many thanks for you insight.
Plain living is something very desirable, we see in the so caled modern society that community living is being lost.
Those who follow regulative principles and strict society structure benefit, we have an opertunity within ISKCON to show the whole world how effective simple living and high thinking is without the entrapment of modern day technology.
Their is a small but growing movement in the UK to return to the traditional agricultural ways, simple but affective and I hope one day ISKCON would have it’s own self sustained farming community here, with out the need of tractors.
We can learn a lot from others as you have so clearly shown

» Posted By DJH On Dec 21, 2006 @ 12:29 pm


It is very humble of you to make this retraction in such a public place.
It is such a fine example of a loving exchange between spititual master and desciple even dispite it’s inaccuracies.
If you do re-publish this work can it not be included with the correction?
It is so nice to hear about these very precious and loving exchanges.

» Posted By DJH On Dec 14, 2006 @ 7:38 pm

Out of the Woman Comes the Man, Spends the Rest of His Life Getting Back When he Can

Thanks you put things very elequantly.
As I am studying counselling we did a small exercise, we had to write the first thing that came into our heads to certain words.
Of note was when the word young man was said, all the ladies put freedom.
They noted that the men were free to have sexual relations with little or no consequence. This in fact to me demonstrated that maya uses mens lusty, and men are ill trained to understand or realise this.
I also noted the stress of very young girls being admitted onto the childrens wards with young babies, I noted that in most cases they would say “If only my boyfriend was like you”, with heavyness of heart.
I remember the temple president in Wales talk about the young woman at the temple, he would pick her partner when the time is right, as he felt it would be right, I was delighted to hear he has chosen a lovely partner for her, I am sure she will be well protected.
But one thing I did find a little disturbing was that most woman on the course wished they could be like the men, Indead I worrying thought.

» Posted By DJH On Nov 21, 2006 @ 6:32 pm

Public Survey in English Towns and Cities of term ‘Hare Krishna’

Hare Krsna
many thanks for your hard work, your findings reflect what I find when I talk to many people.
Those I meet are intriged or wish to know what the Hare Krsna’s are; many have seen devotees in the streets chanting, or been stopped to buy a book.
Some have wanted to know more but find it hard to approach the devotees chanting in the street, and a number I have talked to love talking to the book distributers but feel they do not have the time to talk to them. Unfortunatly several have voiced the opinion that the devotees are only after money.
I have asked several people why they have not gone to the centre; of note they are unsure of who the Hare Krsna’s are or what they would find.
Many notice the hair and the tulsi bead’s around the neck and identify that this person must be spiritual, several ask if we are like the buddists, some say well if you read the Gita you must be Hindu.
However all are favorable towards the devotees.
The challenge I feel is how we engage people and bring them into the centre’s.
The devotees who stopped me in the street impressed me, becouse of the intrest they showed in me, made me buy a book. the small card come and join us if you can we would love to have your company. Attracted me to the devotees.
My child hood memories were reawakend seeing the devotees on the TV, the news coverage as The Manor was stopped from holding any service. But they seem so nice, my parents and the ministers of religion were happy to see this but it just made me sad.
As I went to the centre I saw the Hare Krsna sign, but did not know who or what they are.
I hope you do another servey again in another couple of years it would be interesting to see if things have changed

» Posted By DJH On Nov 11, 2006 @ 9:43 pm

Loft Preaching Article

Thanks for this informative comments, I am a great admirer if the work being carried out by devotees of Davamrita Swami; and the success is down to the pure love of Krsna and faithfulness to their Spiritual Master.
By loving association given by the devotees that drings them to a point were you just want to know more.
I am concerned though that some centre’s and resturants (Not run by Devotees of Davamrita Swami) have and are employing non-devotees. And am surprise when I meet individuals who have been to a preaching centre and come away thinking Hare Krsna is this guy who has developed this well cool yoga. And are also seen as a way of making money rather than giving association to those fortunate enough to meet devotees.
What makes a resturant or preaching centre diffrent?
Its the devotees.
I am also reminded about a devotee who complained that H.H Devamrita Swami would not allow them to open up project under ISKCON; as they explained what they had in mind it was clear why. The main force was not how to make devotees but how much money.
It is just a thought but I am increasingly alarmed at the focuse on money, yes the temple and preacing centre’s require it, but again I am reminded how the New Zealand devotees survived hard tmes in the UK, simply by remaining focused on propogating KC with the soul aim to make devotees.
They made sure everything was done by devotees, and as individuals came allong they encouraged and engaged them in loving service, slowely but surely making fine devotees.
That was the key to their success and the success of the loft projects, it is run by devotees not for money but for making devotees

» Posted By DJH On Oct 19, 2006 @ 9:06 pm

Old Cleaning Man

Thank You for sharing with us, I am always amazed at Krsna’s mercy for the fallen soul.
It reminds us not to judge by appearance, we never know what is in the persons heart, their thoughts and feelings.
I have heard many times the saying “They have some attraction to Krsna” but they don’t go to the temple, or do devotional service so are dismissed, I find this so sad.
The old couple had such a love for Krshna and an insight that truely makes you stop and think.
I find that in my work with the people I meet, some of whom are to shy to come up to the devoties, but have such love and attraction to Krsna and the devotees.
I wonder did they join you on the final night?
Please keep on sharing with us I am so encouraged and inspired to keep up my own work in sharing KC with those who will listen

» Posted By DJH On Oct 2, 2006 @ 8:07 am

Hatha Yoga and Krishna Consciousness

I am aware of the fantastic work of the devotees of H.H.Devamrita Swami and their use of Hatha-Yoga, this is a way of making a links with individuals and by association become attracted to Krsna Conciousness through association. This with the most amazing results.
However I would like to point out an incident close to were I live, (I must stress not run by devotees of H.H.Devamrita Swami) I got talking to a number of people and when I mentioned the name Krsna, the reply back was that guys amazing the Yoga hes developed the way you hold the positions for such a long time you really have to concentrate. It was so sad to hear and when I gave them the true meaning of Krsna quite rightly they felt cheated.
It is just a thought but one we have to think about, as long as it is used to develop and direct individuals to the glories of Bhakta Yoga it surely isnt a problem

» Posted By DJH On Sep 30, 2006 @ 7:18 pm

Extremists, dodgy baggage handlers, detachment and dandavats!

One of two things struck me whilst I read the article.
One is how as we become less inteligant we become more reliant on computers.
Two your main concern wasn’t the computer but the information stored and your loving devotion to serving the devotees.

You could say that the British Goverment over reacted to a potential threat to national security, but as we see the lower class man take position of authority we should not be too surprised.
Your experience was not unique as the complaints of lost items especially computers and mobile phones increased, many finding that these items were not covered by insurance. Their was a diffrence though, many were not concerned as to the loss of information, but the loss of their possessions, a violation of them and their property.
YES! your reaction was not what it should have been, but their again, it was I belive due to anxiety at not being able to fully serve the devotees. I think then its alright.

» Posted By DJH On Oct 3, 2006 @ 6:13 am

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