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ISKCON’s Four Movements

Jagadbandhu Prabhu asked-

>>How do we overcome inertia wrought by lack of inspiration in order to proceed with full enthusiasm to fulfill the final fifty percent of Srila Prabhupada’s perfect vision for harmonious human life? Can we please start at once?

1) Leaders will have to take the initiative of understanding and preaching this mission of Srila Prabhupada. There are a few devotees who are enthusiastic about this mission and have a clear cut understanding of it. They can conduct the seminars amongst ISKCON Leaders. The leaders then can preach the same to their followers or can set the seminars through such persons for their follower community. This is preaching front of Varnasrama.

2) Another front is to start practical efforts to reestablish varnasrama village communities. The devotees atleast can start this effort as they have great faith in Krsna and thus Krsna’s system – Varnasrama. Majority of the devotees may not be able to take this up immediately but atleast some of the devotees who can, should take it up. Others also can support this mission in many ways even caught up in cities which you can know personally writing mail to me (

3) Another very important front is to train the children in this way of living right from the beginning of their life so that they can easily become accomodated in that mode of living. Especially children of devotees can be easily trained. This is a long term planning that can be started now also and that will change the whole civilization in one to two generations as it happened that through modern education system the whole world has been changed from traditional to modern way of living in just in two generations. But that needs to be in tandem with establishment of Farm Communities otherwise the education system will fail as very few can become brahmacaris. So for the rest there needs to be an arrangement for their eating, sleeping, mating and defending in a varnsrama way which lead them to Krsna. Thats why Srila Prabhupada established Gurukulas and Farm Communities in Tandem. But then the Farm Community aspect was forgotten and thus we see that the Gurukulas are not becoming proper success.

Dear karanodakasayi visnu Prabhu, the question you asked I have no idea. You may send me the quoting.

Lots of things are there and the discussion can be held on the Email. I am finishing this Reply for now.
Your servant,
Damodara Das. (9426577317)

» Posted By Damodara Das On Nov 29, 2008 @ 5:12 am

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