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The Need for Struggling Together to Help Each Other

I would like to thank you and wish that some day we will be able to meet.
The devotees when I first met them were just amazing they had such love and concern for all whom they met. As time went on you realised the struggles they had and it was a privelage to help out in little ways, doing a little painting, washing the dishes, manding a few things or even giving the temple devotees a lift. When I met their spiritual master he gave me a small challenge of making my work Krsna concious; I have kept his words close to my heart.
When their spiritual master asked them to return home you could see how upset they were to leave some of us behind. Only one of his disciples remained. I developed my work around Krsna and started distrbuting Prasadam and many people were attracted and started to enquire and ask many questions this helped me develope more attraction for Krsna. I also helped the devotee by making prasadam for his university program, he was very tollerant of me but when needed took time to listen and given me advice (he still does which is nice)
The Prabhupada disciples I have met have all been their and helped in their small unique way, their love and concern always amazes me; one Prabhupada disciple thanked me for being an inspiration I was very confused by this why? He explained that he liked it when I shared what had happend in work, the prasadam made; taking clients out on Japa walks. Listening and caring.
I moved close to a temple, I cannot take any thing away from the devotees nor the temple president what he has done is wonderful. But I felt uncared for, my finances were bad, my health even worse and becouse I couldn’t do the service and felt a big burden on the devotees I became very depressed; I wrote an e-mail to the spiritual master I was aspiring for saying I could not go on aspiring for him. I cried for weeks, lost. I tried despiratly to make contact with the temple president I rang him many times. I made some mistakes I know but I kept on saying sorry for them. The service he was asking me to do I was unable to do due to my health and I was even more hurt on the last occasion I saw my spiritual master You Don’t Even Give Them Money!; but I had even when I earnt no money I gave. when my finances improved I offered to sponser a festival, this was refused, my heart and spirit was crushed, seperated from the devotees even my money was no good. I was upset that on the occasions I could get to the temple for class it would be off becouse the devotees were tired; yes I appreciate now that I was very intollerant I was just despirate to hear a class.
Through it all the Prabhupada disciples I had met rang and kept me encouraged, the devotee who I helped in his university program kept in touch and showed amazing tollerance and understanding and helped me through it all
I met an amazing devotee, I poured my heart out to, it was sad that what I told him was nothing new; he looked at me and said If only they listened to Prabhupada; he helped me write a small letter to the spiritual master I was aspiring for, what to say and suggested a way forward. It was nice that I now can send my money to the Spiritual Master to help him in his work, and although the nearest temple refused my money I could also send it to a temple which had little so they could have nice flowers for the festival I so disired to sponser.
I now travel every month or so several hundred miles to a temple as agreed and contiune to distridute prasadam and share Krsna conciusness with anyone who will listen. My clients and their parents keep me focused always on Krsna with their many questions and thoughts.
It is wonderful that in the temple service is not forced they are happy just to see you and that you are willing to help. They take into account my disability and are very sensative. They keep me focused on my distriduting pradadam in my work, my clients japa walks, those who sit with me and read the gita.
We share our concerns and problems together, I get an amazing insite into temple life and we help each other focuse more on Krsna.
I am unsure if this is the right time to express my thoughts, but I felt you summed up my thoughts and feeling so well This is my experience in the movement over the past three years it is only the loving concern of the few that has kept me focused.
For their loving concern; tolleranc and patience with me I just wish to thank them, and their inspirational love for Prabhupada

» Posted By David Haslam On Oct 28, 2006 @ 8:06 pm

Tory leader to visit Hindu temple

It is nice that a prominant politician visited the manor, I am sure each and every devotee made him more than welcome.
Yes it is true that many of the general public and press see The Manor as being a Hindu temple, my many discussions with people they see the Gita as being a Hindu scripture.
It is also from what I see in ISKCON a sad fact that the majority of the congregations are from what can be called a Hindu background, and I also note that the manor is not unique in trying to accomodate as much as possible. This should not be too much of a surprise but we also have to note that many are second generation UK citizens and that for those who have taken up the process of KC are aware that we are not Hindu.
Sri Prabhupada was as stated right when he showed that followers of Krsna were not connected with one group or another this is clearly stated by Krsna himself in the Gita were he tells us to give up all forms of religion and follow him. But one thing I noticed was how tollerant Sri Prabhupada was, from a totam pole being put next to him to out right attacks on him and ISKCON; he had an answer for all that did not isolate anyone.
It was nice to hear that the manor is open to anyone willing to visit and on occasions we use words that others may understand; I am sure David Camaron was sincere in his visiting a Hindu Temple and tought he was saying the right thing; but remember what Sri Prabhupada also said about politicians.
I have heard devotees using the word Hindu or refere to Krsna as a Hindu God but with association and teaching they have learnt that this is incorrect; many are new devotees or have not read or listened much to Sri Prabhupada.
It is important that as devotees we read the books Sri Prabhupada wrote he himself said that if ISKCON finished it would only take one person to read his books and the whole movement would restart; Sri Prabhupada gave us all we need.
I am also disturbed by the use of this term racist; is airing a view racist? If we are arguing from the words of Sri Prabhupada then this cannot and is not the case; if however we are arguing from our own stand point with no understanding as many people tried to do with Sri Prabhupada then like Sri Prabhupada did we can correct them; he called many people Rascals; liers and cheats.
We must learn to be more tolletrant than a tree, understand and correct when needed but remain focused on this simple fact as Sri Prabhupada says “God is God He is neither Hindu, muslim, Christian he is God”

» Posted By David Haslam On Oct 29, 2006 @ 10:12 am

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