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Curing Depression with Spirituality

Hare Krsna everyone.

Thank you for this discussion. There are MYRIAD reasons why any physical and mental illnesses appear in our lives. AND MYRIAD ways which treatments may or may not work for someone. As with anything else in the Material Realms, it is VERY easy for someone who has not experienced it AND LIVED WITH IT every moment of their day to day life, to pass opinion on the situation of someone else. For some of us with these conditions, we may never know why or how, just that it is. I personally feel that it is like paralysis or any other condition. IT IS VERY PERSONAL, and most other souls will never understand how to live with it one day or moment at a time. Although most souls love to tell others how to alleviate their issues. It can be helpful OR it can be just one other way that most souls want to help someone else, so that they don’t have to look at themself too closely.

After being diagnosed as Depressed and Anxious most of my adult life, it comes down to many other physical conditions, too. I have had numerous other physical/neurolodical health issues which went undiagnosed for over thirty years, including Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries. All of those other health issues led to chronic: under-employment, unemployment, and homelessness. These also gave the appearance of my being “lazy and unmotivated”– a failure in material ways. On the other hand, the parts of the brain not as affected are quite brilliant and witty and wise. Just because I have diagnoses now doesn’t mean my life works any better. I just understand now…

One thing that I firmly believe is a major cause of Depression and Anxiety is LIVING IN CITIES wherever they are. Most souls think cities are fine. Yet, just because something is socially acceptable does not mean that it is healthy or appropriate. We know this from the Vedic teachings. Our nervous systems are not able to handle all the massive amounts of energy coming at us from all directions all day every day. I believe that Srila Prabhupada understood this and encouraged us to fulfill his orders of establishing more rurally inclined lifestyle. I fully encourage more energies put into manifesting ways for us to live away from cities in like-hearted enclaves.

Suresh prabhu, please accept my obeisances and respects for putting yourself/Self out in this discussion to share your truth and experiences. You are to be commended for your endeavors to practice appropriate self-care.

For myself and others I would just like to say this, too. Not all of us are destined to be working out there 40 or more hours a week, even though we look “okay”. Not all of us are destined to be super active and UP all the time. I feel STRONGLY that even though my life has been very materially challenging, I have been saved from other distractions to my spiritual life. I can’t say how my life would have been different. I just know that my journey through these health challenges has been intensely personal. And all the well-meaning lay people OR health practitioners can’t change my brain or make me remember things any better. It’s really funny and sad how when someone first hears about my brain issues, almost everyone suggests (without asking if I already do) to “make some notes” for myself and stick them up. They don’t understand how intensely personal life is for each of us and how their immediate comment shows that they probably like to try to fix everyone without getting to know them.

I also understand Suresh prabhu’s sharing about going to a festival or temple and not feeling the bliss. And many of the other things he has said.

My most intense lesson with all this has been how to SLOW DOWN INSIDE AND LISTEN to what I am guided to do in each moment, rather than thinking I know. Practicing this has changed my life In ways beyond what I would have thought.

This is a lesson that would benefit infinite numbers of souls, no matter what. ASKING Their Lordships for guidance, even in the most “insignificant” moments. That way, when you really need to listen to your guidance, you’ve have enough practice with the small questions that you can trust what you hear with the “big, important” requests.

Thank you for listening. And anyone else who is out there and dealing with your health issues, WHATEVER THEY ARE, take heart.

» Posted By Devidevidasi On Jan 14, 2007 @ 12:22 am

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