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Well, maybe here on Balkan peninsula we can teach people “Uzicko kolo” traditional Serbian dance and add some powerful elements of bhakti-yoga and make them chant once Govardhan (which is close to “dobar dan” in Serbo-Croatian “good day”) :)

» Posted By Divya-prabandha das On May 31, 2007 @ 6:14 pm

Hare Krsna! In my center in Croatia we are doing regular harinams and house programs and some of the so called yogis join us in singing but generally it is very difficult for them to accept philosophy and to follow principles. They think they know everything. Another thing is that when introduced in Croatia atma-yoga created lot’s of disturbance among devotees in the yatra and many people as myself don’t agree with using it as it was advertised in local ISKCON center – “future of preaching” etc. Maybe it can be used independently outside, without ISKCON patronage but its efficacy has yet to be seen.

» Posted By Divya-prabandha das On May 31, 2007 @ 12:31 pm

Out of the Woman Comes the Man, Spends the Rest of His Life Getting Back When he Can

“Out of the Woman Comes the Man,…”
Well, not everybody makes it!
According to the statistics in 2002 only in USA 1,310,000 children didn’t make it. These unborn children died from legal abortions. Since Roe vs. Wade abortion legalization in 22.1.1973 – 1,410,600,000 children died in their mother’s womb worldwide.
Please check these sites: and
Krsna-kirti Prabhu wrote:
“The point I was making is that Vedic literature is pretty much unanimous in its view that conditioned human nature is something relatively unpleasant, as compared with how Mill seems to view it. That was the intended extent of my comparison.” #78

After coming to know about this “womb holocaust” facts I am 100% sure that Krsna-kirti’s observations are valid.
Conditioned human nature is darkest then Hobess or Kafka could possibly imagine!
Divya-prabandha das

» Posted By Divya-prabandha das On Dec 6, 2006 @ 6:30 am

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