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Further Considerations…

Below is an excerpt from Bhurijana Prabhu’s upcoming book, an overview of the Srimad-Bhagavatam. This is from the section where the Bull tells Maharaja Pariksit that he cannot ascertain who has done the harm to him:

“Generally on reflecting on the cause of one’s difficulty, one would answer with less philosophy and more accusation. By identifying someone as “the doer” and viewing that person as an enemy, one comes to seek vengeance rather than to practice introspection. While one tends to justify thoughts of retaliation and the ensuing plan of action, one may not realize that those actions will implicate him in painful exchanges for hundreds of births. In addition, by meditating on another’s bad qualities, one will develop those qualities himself. One’s mentality is formed by the object of his meditation: “A grassworm confined in a hole of a wall by a bee always thinks of the bee in fear and enmity and later becomes a bee simply because of such remembrance.” (Bhag. 7.1.28)”

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