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Update on Nirguna prabhu

All glories to the great service of Nirguna Dasa!

I served with him at New PaniHati Dhama (Atlanta ISKCON) for years.

Of all the qualities I remember he embodied, his insistence that we (the Temple) maintain ourselves through preaching and book distribution was formost! He hated all the “things” devotees did to maintain themselves and the temple besides book distribution.

He served in all kinds of ways…preaching programs, book distribution, cooking, landscaping, farming, Diety worship…he did everything!

He was so austere sometimes, I was shocked when his dhoti turned white!

Sri Krsna and the cowherd boys will rejoice when he returns! I hope he puts in a good word for me, for without the mercy of the Vaisnavas, ther is no hope for me.

Nirguna Prabhu ki jaya!

» Posted By Gangamantri On Oct 11, 2007 @ 10:28 pm

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