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Pure and impure what is to be offered!

Sorry – not fish lecithin but fish gelatin

» Posted By Giridhari dasa On Dec 9, 2007 @ 9:02 am

Hare Krishna. I don’t dispute the fact that sugar is deathly and is refined using chemicals. However, concerning using bones in the process I would be grateful if devotees could obtain concrete information about this. Here, in Mauritius ( a world exporter of sugar) queries from the factories have met the response that refining white sugar using animal bones is archaic. It has been stopped here many years ago. Furthermore, I was also informed by the factories that most brown sugar is indeed white sugar that has been coloured with molasses!

On the same note I just found out that many brands of pasta which list their ingredients as only containing dhurum wheat….are made in factories also using eggs and the pasta may be contaminated. San Remo pasta has just started writing “may contain traces of eggs” on their packets. Panzanni pasta should have an M after the lot no. if it is to be considered uncontaminated by eggs (an N or no letter means it has been made in the same machines as egg pasta is made).

After so much research I also found out that almost all milk powder contains 0.2% of fish lecithin! In Mauritius we cannot find uncontaminated milk powder and because fresh milk is so rare the devotees are “forced” to use the contaminated milk powder.

It would be really helpful if we (someone from ISKCON) could have different brands of ghee tested for animal contamination so that we could know exactly which brands are safe to use or not.

Thank you. Karunika dasi

» Posted By Giridhari dasa On Dec 9, 2007 @ 8:40 am

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