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Putting An End to Courtesy Japa

Thank you for your comments and reminders of inattentive Japa (10th offense -to be inattentive while chanting – which is supposed to be avoided) -). . Most of the descriptions of the ‘Courtesy Japa’ as you call is given in Satsvarupa Maharaj’s book called ‘Japa Reform’ Interested devotees will benefit greatly from this book.

I really appreciate your mention of gifts that we get even at a neophyte stage of chanting the holy name – – ‘inspiration, realization, detachment, increased desire to serve, attraction to study scripture, and an ability to see maya’s workings more clearly. And there are so many more gifts japa delivers’ – I wish more devotees will share their realizations.
Thank you

» Posted By Gita On Jan 9, 2007 @ 11:14 pm

Varna-ashrama Dharma and Women

Dear Gaurav Mittal,

Your sentiments are very good. But there are practical applications of the duties that you have mentioned for protecting the women (in your case your daughter).
These are mentioned in the Dharma Sastras (and the same information is confirmed in the 11th Canto of Srimad Bhagvatam in condensed version in the section of duties of various varnas and ashrams).
Several places Srila Prabhupada mentions that one should NOT disregard the dharma sastras like (in the puport of First Canto where the Queens are waiting to receive Lord Krsna entering Dwarka)

Some of the examples are that the women should be protected by the father, husband and sons respectively and progressively according to their age. Protection means in all aspects, e.g mentally, phisically, spiritually and emotionally.
One should also teach the basic rules of etiquette and various duties of various orders otherwise how will they know how to behave. All these rules are listed in the Dharma Sastras.
Thank you

» Posted By Gita On Dec 2, 2006 @ 3:17 am

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