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Krishna-kirti, Atma Yoga(s), and Sadhu-sanga

Association is everything. The more I take care of my own Krsna consciousness, the better care I can take of others. I can’t give to tothers what I don’t have myself. Devotees are the most amazing people, in all colors, sizes and varieties. Only Srila Prabhupadea could bring us all together, and can keep us together. The more we love and serve one another, the more new people will want to join and experience the same for themselves. Politics spoils everything, even if we say it is in the name of Srila Prabhupada.

» Posted By Glenn Powell On Oct 7, 2006 @ 7:34 pm

A review of Niranjana Swami’s Taking care of Krishna devotees

During the installation of Sri Panca Tattva in Mayapura, I became very ill . I had a high fever, was shaking in my bed, had sharp pain thoughout my body, and thought I was going to leave my body. I had no one to care for me, and I was informed by the Mayapura management, that devotees who already had made reservations for the room were supposed to be moving in . I did not have the strength to vacate myself, nor was I able to make arrangements to know where else to go. As uif bodily pain was not enough, I was in anxieety how I was going to leave the oom. Almost like magic, while trying to blot out the pain in my body, there was a knock on the door, and some of Niranjana Swami’s disciples told me they had come to re-locate me to a room beside his. It was like the Visnudutas had come for me. ! They carried my bags, and practically caeid me tow here Maharaja was. I felt so incredibly relieved to know that someone was thinking about me. Nianajana Swami even canceled the reservations of his other disciples who had booked this room so that I could be near him, take pasada with him and other godbothers, daily, and associate in general. He really boosted my spirits, and my love and appeciation for him as an exceptional godbrother increased many times over. He doesnt just write books on caring for devotees, but he really practices what he preaches. On Gaura Purnima day, not only did he give talks, but he also encouaged our other godbrothers like Gokulananda prabhu to also glorify Lord Caitanya, instead of being a “one man show”. Krsna says that one who says he is My devotee is not My devotee, but one who is the devotee of my devotee is My devotee. I am not even a devotee, but with devotees like Nrianjana Swami, my stone-like heart could actually become melted.

» Posted By Glenn Powell On Oct 1, 2006 @ 7:32 pm

About Sriman Bhakta George Harrison

Thanks for your admiration of Bhakta George, Hector. Srila Prabhupada stated that a Vaisnava is one who glorifies the sevice of another Vaisnava, and alwas sees their “serving side”. You said : “Lennon is on record for admiring George’s spirituality”. John is quoted as saying that when “My Sweet Lord” was released, everytime he turned on the radio, it was playing, so he was beginning to think that a God actually did exist.

Regarding the song “Something”, the lyric – “attracts me like no other lover” – is a direct reference to Krishna, the All-Attractive One. In one inteview, George explained that he had to make the subject of the song a “she” or everyone would have thought of George as a “poof”, a Bitish slang term for a Gay person.

After the album Abbey Road containg HERE COMES THE SUN came out, a godbother named Kulashekar prabhhu was speaking with George, and George asked him; “Did you hear the song ‘Here Comes The Sun’??” “Yeh, it’s great!” “You know it’s about you guys don’t you?”

Im sorry that Shambhu is too cynical to appreciate the Krsna consciousness of George, and all he did , and continues to do, to bring Lord Krsna’s name into the households of millions of people. We don’t need to “dovetail his lyrics to fit our Krsna conscious ideals. They easily speak for themselves , with numeous references to glorifying Lord Krsna.

» Posted By Glenn Powell On Sep 24, 2006 @ 2:03 pm

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