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HG Sanjaya Prabhu ACBSP passed away

I have known Sanjaya for many many years-as far back as 1979 .

He was my sankirtan leader for some time when he was married to Bhumi who would cook us prasadam when we were hungry after a whole day out on Sankirtan. It was like a family. I remember him to be very enthusiastic, honest, sincere, amiable, cheerful and very personal and sensitive to other people feelings.

Even when in so much personal troubles either with his health, with legal matters or finances he never liked to trouble others and kept his pains very much to himself. He was a great mrdanga player and an affectionate father which shows in how well turned out his children became.

I always liked him and I can honestly say that I had nothing bad to ever say about him. I shall miss him very much as we all shall. He was my comptemporary and I suppose that it is a wake up call to make us aware that life has a purpose beyond the maintenaice and preoccupation of the body.

In the demise of his body as in life he continues to instruct us and I am sure that Krishna is very fond of him because his sincerity overided any human weaknesses he may have struggled with.

He came to Greece for my weeding in 1986 and as a gift he gave my wife to be the jewels of his own marriage! Right up to the end he performed devotional service discreetly and selflessly despite his pains and troubles.

Right up to the last moment he came to the temple and would find solace there. I would see him often in Prabhupada’s rooms chanting his rounds alone. His heart was truly in the right place and forever a devotee and for this alone we know that whatever journey that follows for him is going to be auspicious and glorious. He told me that through his pains Krishna was there for him when he laid on his hospital bed .

For a devotee Krishna never abandons him..My heart goes out for his family and if it is any solace know that his future is bright and the demise of his body was as painless as we can ever hope for. He is now in Krishna’s loving hands but leaves us all bereft of a truly special person.

Gokulananda das ACBSP (UK)

» Posted By Gokulananda das (UK) On Nov 24, 2007 @ 12:40 pm

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