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Vegans in ISKCON

Seems there was not much consideration for the cows when beginning this so-called ahimsa herd. The future of the cows should have been guaranteed before anything else. As I wrote above, taking on a cow means maintaining her for her full life-time. This means adequate facilities for her life-long care, not just for her milking years! So enough grazing land and shelter and care for her to be comfortable after her “productive” years. Otherwise the word ahimsa has no meaning. It is like saying we will treat our mother very nicely while she is giving something of use; nice big house, lots of publicity about how much we are caring for her, but as soon as she is no longer useful, we are no longer interested. We will just send her down the road and hope that someone will visit her at some time, but really we are not concerned about her after that.

I remember in South Africa we had a number of cows at Cato Ridge farm. When the new temple was built in Durban, the land was sold the cows disappeared. Then again at the Muldersdrift farm outside of Johannesburg, we had some cows – at least two cows that I remember; they were pretty wild but loved maha-prasadam. When that farm was sold to buy the high-rise building in the city, the cows disappeared. Now every year at the Durban Ratha-yatra the devotees borrow a cow for a few days as props for the ISKCON cow protection booth!

We want the publicity of caring for our mother, but once she is of no further use, when the camera is off and the crowds have left, we would sooner just send her off to be another person’s responsibility.

» Posted By Gopaladeva Dasa On Dec 29, 2012 @ 9:16 am

Taking on a cow means maintaining her for her full lifetime. This is the very first item of the Minimum Cow Protection Standards, as approved by the GBC and posted on the website.

Shipping a cow off to non-devotees once her perceived usefulness is over, however decent a place it may appear, is not an option. This is simply a demoniac Western mentality. Rather, take care of the retired mothers at the Manor where they can receive full-time care from loving ISKCON devotees.

Let’s hope that this talk of them going anywhere goes no further.

» Posted By Gopaladeva Dasa On Dec 28, 2012 @ 7:08 am

To All You Naughty Chocolate Eaters – Beware!

Sorry, I should have given the reference:

Letter to: Surasrestha, Los Angeles 14 June, 1972
“So far attending pujas at the houses of the Hindus there we can go and hold our kirtana but we should not take prasadam there. We can accept raw materials and take them to our temple but we should not accept any prasadam prepared by them. However, if they insist then we can take fruits and milk and offer them to Krishna. Cocoa and chocolate are not to be taken as they are intoxicants.”

» Posted By Gopaladeva dasa On May 19, 2007 @ 10:27 pm

Anyone serious about spiritual life should be following the four regulative principles. For initiated devotees in ISKCON there is no question. Srila Prabhupada’s instructions are clear when he says that cocoa and chocolate are not to be taken as they are intoxicants. So why even consider eating chocolate?

Besides – most chocolate bars available in the UK have never been vegetarian by ISKCON standards anyway. They contain egg white! In the UK, vegetarian does not mean free of egg products!

» Posted By Gopaladeva dasa On May 18, 2007 @ 9:17 pm

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