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Curing Depression with Spirituality

Dear Suresh Prabhu:

Allow me to share a few observations. In your own words, you view depression as a “lifelong illness” which “has no cure.” According to your good self, your depression “isn’t ever going to go away.” Thus, there can be “no relief . . . only coping.” In these candid expressions, you provide yourself a great deal of useful information, and offer yourself a perspective by clearly articulating your beliefs about the emotional signal and experience we refer to as depression.

Before exploring that useful information, however, let’s take one step back to consider the kitchen sink use of this word depression – a fashionable term which, as Nandanandana Prabhu convincingly articulated, has come to be associated with practically everything under the sun. Depression is held within modern psychiatric and medical theory to be, more or less, an incurable illness which, to a limited extent, may be controlled by expensive mental tinkering and by even more expensive medical diagnostics and suppressive drugs.

These so-called scientific approaches and explanations of the etiology of depression are, in actuality, merely creative fabrication. Depression is not an illness and you are not broken. Depression is a powerful emotional signal. It is a communication from yourself to yourself which addresses motivation, that is, the nature of desire within consciousness for exploration and experience.

I will interject here that any attempt to understand our experiences ‘in the material world’ separate and apart from the actual dynamics of consciousness is rather pointless, or, as shastra might offer, is maya. That does not mean that external involvement does not or can not help. Healing modalities may well provide acceptable permission to uncreate what you have created. All vital movement and balance, however, takes place within, first.

The more this significant emotional signal is ignored, suppressed, overcome, drugged, explained or philosophized away, seen as something bad or wrong, or viewed as an experience apart from yourself, the more the signal will inevitably increase. Yes, increase. That is because you yourself provide this emotional signal to yourself about a part of you that requires your attention. As a person ringing a doorbell will increase their determination to attract attention if the door is not answered (by ringing the bell more frequently), similarly, the more you push that emotional signal away and view it as bad, harmful or sick, the more you will insist on a response by creating an increasing volume of conflicting experiences.

The clear communication you have offered to yourself is that this perceived illness is controlling of you, is denying you choices, movement and freedom. This is an expression of victim – that you hold little or no control in your own life, that you are helpless, that there are vast hidden forces affecting you. Thus your internal motivation – your creativity and freedom of movement within consciousness – is suppressed as a result. That oppression is further evidenced in your report that you “can’t feel anything, and so despair continues.”

From this platform consider an approach which acknowledges you. Consider paying close attention to your signals to yourself by exploring and addressing the beliefs you hold in viewing yourself as a victim who has little or no control of your own life. Recognize your own creations! By approaching your expression in this manner, you may then allow the signal to subside proportionately. Recognition is the vehicle that can take you from victimization to empowerment, from lack of control to the fullness of trust, from depression to balance.

As this note was only intended as a brief comment, I will close by mentioning that I am quite aware that this short explanation may well be viewed as somewhat simplistic. In response, I will share this thought: that the basis of all of our reality and experience can undoubtedly only be understood in perspective when viewed within the context of consciousness and choice. From that point of view, spirituality is simple. Simple, restorative and liberating.

Wishing you the best in your spiritual journey,

With regards,

Gupta das
Joseph Fedorowsky

» Posted By Gupta das On Jan 12, 2007 @ 12:17 am

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