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Current Newsweek article reference to the Hare Krishna movement

Mr. Whitaker:

Just a quick comment on your recent article on “Baby-boomers’ religious journeys etc.” Why such a negative slant on the Hare Krishna communities?

Their demographics in America cover the whole spectrum of ethnic and educational backgrounds, with an above-average proportion of well-educated, productive members of American society. That your reporter did such a shoddy inaccurate job is very counter-productive to your so-called objective journalism.

At least the growing numbers of American Krishna followers (often working as professionals within the mainstream), as well as many other readers, don’t take such bias to be quality reporting. You should fire such bigoted reporters to protect Newsweek’s own integrity.

Guy Paquette, Vancouver, Canada.

» Posted By Guy Paquette On Sep 21, 2006 @ 6:17 pm

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