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Live From Sri Mayapur Candrodaya Mandir! HG Urmila Mataji

Lets not mistake traditional Indian social norms from past centuries with spiritual norm.
Prabhupada changes his mind lot of times and adjusted lot of things accordingly. Some devotees just like to quote him partially without seeing the bigger picture.

You propose that vaishnavis should remain is old traditional role without interacting with the rest of society in order not to sexually agitate male devotees which also includes giving classes . Why are you interacting then with many females on facebook on a regular basis ?
To make myself clear:I myself do not see a problem there , but dont YOU think that facebook connection with females (devotees and not devotees) are far more dangerous that listening to vaishnavis giving bhagavatam class or doing any servise for Krishna?

» Posted By HRT dasi On Apr 4, 2011 @ 9:09 am

I completely agree with Akruranatha’s comment.
At first i didn’t want to comment anything more, but then i decided that i must add few things:
Bhakti lata was insulting in her tone to Urmila mataji, and i while i’m not surprised to see these kind of comments by others, i was very much surprised that i read this from a vaishnavi.
About the others i will just say: You see what happens when someone is so fanatically and fundamentally sees sex literally everywhere? You become absorbed with thoughts of sex, even when we are talking about a vaishnavi giving a class.
Your fanatical views just got you more active in subtle sex (fearing it and fighting against it artificially by trying to imagine like women don’t exist in this world except to stay in the house) than you would be if you drop that mentality. Cos lets face it, it is not spiritual,its just mentality,and when someone tries to present it as the only right dharmic way its pure hypocrisy.
Listening to a woman giving class have a lesser potential of leading to illicit sex than when we see a woman passing before our eyes. So that man from your example would probably fell in love with ANY woman he saw,for he was unable not only to control his desires but his long term actions as well. By leaving his pregnant wife just because he saw a woman in public preach shows me only that he is not worth to be a husband anyway. Problem is in him! Women DO exist , and your renunciation cannot base on trying to pretend women are not there.If you want to choose that way, its better for you and for the vaishnavis that you simply remove yourselves from social activities and go to live in forest or in male ashram, instead of expecting women to disappear from your sight due to your possible agitation.
p.s. english is not my first language and i don’t use any online translator ,so i apologize for any error in grammar.
Quoting SP in these manners don’t serve you either ,for he instructed different disciples differently according to many factors given, and also he change his stands many times without changing siddanta. However we put it ,SP DID encouraged women to preach .

» Posted By HRT dasi On Apr 4, 2011 @ 8:59 am

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