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The Temple of Jagannath at Puri

Im from the Philippines and with the mercy of their lordship Sri Jagannatha,Baladeva and Subadhra I was given a chance to had their darshan inside the Jagannatha Puri Temple. Its not easy to go inside. I had to disguise to look like a karmi hindu and even put makeup to have that south indian look. Also, it helped me to enter the temple when Im with the mother of an indian devotee. We had to make a show that we were talking. I used to learn some words in reply to her, in which I forgot already, so the pandas (Brahmana Guards) will not suspect me as a foreigner. There’s one unforgettable event happened when I was inside the temple. The panda were asking me something which I coudn’t understand. I ignore them and that made them irritated. I
was informed that when they caught you inside and you’re not part of them, (so to speak), they will beat you and send you to jail. So what I did was I pretend to be mute and deaf so I had an excuse not to be disturbed by them. Im very frightened that day but there’s a saying ” NO GUTS NO GLORY”. Someone told me if I wanted to go again inside I have to enter the temple during their Mangala Arati. I did enter the temple but I stayed in the pillar where Lord Caitanya fell down unconscious.

Well I hope the next time I visit Jagannatha Puri Temple I can enter without
being afraid and insecure.

Your servant,

Jaya Gopala das SGM

» Posted By JaiGopalDas108 On Nov 26, 2008 @ 5:51 am

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