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Objectivism and Vaishnavism: A Comparative Study

You are right Akruranatha in that Ayn Rand did not particularly like spiritualists or “mystics” as she called them. However, she did value men of character and if Objectivists and other atheists can appreciate brahmanas and ksatriyas from this perspective, then they can be more influential among those who are not particularly theistic. The problem of course is that there are few brahmanas and ksatriyas of integrity and thus this only causes people in general to be more doubtful of the existence of a supreme autocrat or of his love and mercy. When priests, politicians, etc. abuse and exploit others and yet claim to be “men of God” it causes people to only distrust the Lord they claim to represent.

Maybe Objectivists were derided for their viewpoints and not taken seriously 30 years ago when you were in college, but times have changed. Her books are now selling faster than ever and she is only acquiring more and more influential followers. Simply dismissing her philosophy will not cause it to go away, rather, we have to find a way to engage in dialogue with those whom she has influenced and this paper is an attempt at that. Thus, this paper was not written merely to give Vaishnavas an opportunity to “rip her to shreds”, but rather as an attempt to reach across the aisle to those who are influenced by her views and offer them a Vedic perspective on her views with the hopes of opening their minds to our ideas. This of course does not mean backing down from our views but it does require compassion if we are going to gain an audience from those who by nature distrust us. And I for one can’t blame them for distrusting theists when you see how many supposed religious people act. If we are true men of character in both our actions and our words, we will be far more effective at convincing others of the Vaishnava point of view. Otherwise, simply putting forward ad homineum attacks at others for their viewpoints is a sure way to only acquire more enemies than friends.

» Posted By Jambavan Dasa On Sep 25, 2012 @ 12:19 pm

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