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Historic Rath Yathra in the Russian Winter- Lord Jagannath rides a snow sled cart – pics

YES I will try to find some photo’s
of the Rath Yatra in Russia
Im Sorry I didnt take picture’s
Your servant,
Jaya Madhava Das (acbsp) Moscow Russia

» Posted By Jaya Madhava Das On Jan 14, 2010 @ 10:45 pm

Holy Places?

Any NEWS from devotees in Vrindaban
about that proposed bridge ?
Your servant,
Jaya Madhava Das (acbsp) Moscow

» Posted By Jaya Madhava Das On Jan 14, 2010 @ 10:49 pm

Dear Prabhus,
Urgent Appeal ! RE:Bridge over the Yamuna
I was recently told Its Not our (iskcons)
affair to deal with or engage Iskcon/Indian community
devottees with the Bridge over the Yamuna
Problem ? In all fairness to the GBC and Iskcon…Is this a fact ?
Im not convinced at all ! Should we just stand by and DO NOTHING ?
Your comments on What would Srila Prabhupada do ?
From Srila Prabhupadas- Own words
Thank You
Your servant,
Jaya Madhava Das (acbsp) Moscow Russia

» Posted By Jaya Madhava Das On Jan 9, 2010 @ 12:38 pm

RE—Holy Places ? To-My Godbrother Pusta KRSNA Das Prabhu,
Im not chest Thumping SORRY you think that Prabhu.
I agree with you COMPLETELY and Im NOT into POLITICS !
Just tired of seeing the Dhams Ruined,Like the massive bridge
thats supposed to be built at Kesi Ghat ! Im horrified at this development !
I respect the Gaudia Maths and I visit them in India (Mayapur)Etc….But
I also stay away from envious people who claim to be
well wishers of Iskcon…whoever they are in what ever Math
If they use Iskcon for their own stepping stones and criticize- Prabhupada.
For example to discredit Prabhupads books and Instructions (on various Issues)
This is Offensive ! On one hand to praise Iskcon and on the other hand Criticize it.
I dont claim anything at all Prabhu ! My realization is mine alone ! Im no expert.
Iskcon has no Monopoly on love of GOD or KRSNA Consiousness
Thats my realization too,,,But I joined Iskcon and my sentiments are genuine
Im sharing it with you ! Iskcon is MY spiritual family
Iskcon is our spiritual Family—RIGHT ? There is a broader spiritual family too !
Prabhupads Mercy was to us in Iskcon Right ?
SO why not help Iskcon or If not in Iskcon,do and follow Prabhupads Instructions ?
Inside or outside the institution of Iskcon but we should follow Prabhupada
I mean no crticism of the Gaudia Maths or Other devotees real sentiments of those
who left Iskcon,,My point is what is what Prabhupada wanted of us ? I agree with you-
To develop love of GOD (KRSNA) YET- He gave us Iskcon for that purpose.
Do you seriously think HE wanted His disciples to abandon Iskcon , Lock,stock and barrel ?
You misunderstood me,,I mean no to offence to you and Im no expert on Srila Prabhupada ,You are more qualified in this regard.
Im just a fallen soul He accepted as His disciple and Im eternally grateful for that Mercy
and Im happy to be a part of -Iskcon,Good times or Hard times,,even when dysfunctional
Im willing to hear all your opinions and realizations
If I offended any devotee’s at all -I am so sorry !
PRABHU-NOW-THERE is an URGENT need to SAVE Vrindaban Dham from more Changes+Harm to UNITE !
Lets ALL AGREE on that point ! All Glories to HDG Srila Prabhupada !
Thank you for your time
Your servant,
Jaya Madhava das(acbsp) Moscow Russia

» Posted By Jaya Madhava Das On Jan 3, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

Dear Prabhus-
Pamho Agtsp HARE KRSNA
RE:–my last reply to ‘Holy Places ?’ (The Holy Dhams)
TO – Correct any typo errors I made (sorry)-I meant–“”-No matter What happens,to us
we should remain in Iskcon. PERIOD ! Prabhupada wants that,So should we,Thats a fact !
In Iskcon is not only living in the Temple but being part of Prabhupads Family -ISKCON
Helping ISKON,,,Preaching in Iskcon,Serving the devotees in Iskcon with humility
We should protect the HOLY Dhams and Iskcon. What Prabhupada gave us.
Have we not all been though good and hard times in Iskcon ? Why be Bitter ? Not good !
Be it KRSNAS TESTS,,,Hardship,,dishonor from others…There are .Tests from KRSNA
We should be loyal to Srila Prabhupadas desire that we remain
loyal and part of HIS ISKCON,and not give it up to go elsewhere as so many have done.
By the way…My glasses were ripped off here in Moscow,,,Its time for me to get new ones
The print is so tiny- on the Dandavats reply page -IM Sorry for any spelling errors
I will be more careful from now on.
I didn’t hear any ‘COMMENTS from-,HH Kavicandra Swami yet ? Maharaj Any comments
More Comments from other Prabhus ? GBCs ,Temple Presidents in India ? Vrindaban,-Mayapur ISKCON Dhams..Lets talk about it, Then…
Lets Save the Holy Dhams ! Lets try to do something before its worse and -TOO Late !
Bring about preserving the Dhams as much as is possible.
FIGHT for KRSNAs Lands. (at least try and no be complacent)
Thank you again for your concern and time.
Your servant,
Jaya Madhava das(acbsp) Moscow Russia at

» Posted By Jaya Madhava Das On Jan 2, 2010 @ 11:15 am

DEAR Prabhus,
I want to comment on Akruranath das ,Prabhus
Comment-on Holy Dham ? Suresh Prsbhus comment
I know how Suresh Prabhu,you” gave it all for Iskcon”
There was you and thousands of Our Godbrothers and Sisters
who also gave great their youthful lives for Srila Prabhupada .
In 1974-1975-76 in the Philadelphia Temple
I was there to see you on Book Distribution as a matter
of fact I was as you know a book distributor too !
In this respect I cant top Akruranatha Das ,Prabhu’s Heart Felt-
Comments and Genuine appreciation for Iskcon and its devotees
I Fully agree with his comments and Patita Pavana Das Prabhus comments
ISKCON is OUR Spiritual Family ! Not matter what Srila Prabhupada wanted
HIS disciples to be part of and loyal to ISKCON,,Good Times,Bad Times through Thick and Thin…Thats our duty as We have an ETERNAL – debt to Srial Prabhupada
There are many GREAT souls who have served and are serving in ISKCON !
I mentioned my experience with the airfare thing but there
were so many other unfair incidents,,,BUT I saw it as KRSNA’s Mercy on me
and I still feel that way,that a rascal like me was allowed to
Join Prabhupada’s Iskcon,,,We should be careful not to become imbittered !
Let’s re-commit to ISKCON and preach for Srila Prabhupada
KRSNA will help us…Hasn’t HE always helped us !
Lets do the needful to preserve Prabhupads ISKCON as HE wanted it
without CHANGE or Compromise and Revive Hari Nams and Book distribution
and Bhakta Programs in the WEST and India and the world will Follow !
All Glories to HDG Srila Prabhupada
All Glories to Sri Vrindaban Dham and Sri Mayapur Dham
Your Servant,
Jaya madhava Das (acbsp) Moscow Russia

» Posted By Jaya Madhava Das On Jan 1, 2010 @ 2:47 pm

I am compelled to reply to this Holy places article
First-I want to thank HH Kavicandra Swami for bringing up the subject at all !
My Question is WHY isnt the GBC addressing this grave issue ? Are they ?
Have devotees become Tourists and Temples markets like Loi Bazzar ?
I also understand my Godbrothers Suresh Prabhus utter dissapointment
and frustration with ISKCON,,,Prabhu You are NOT the only one as we say is TOAST !
I also served so hard in Iskcon and was maye $100 shy of a plane ticket on the
Christmas Marthon of 1976-to be rejected my airs fare -I was shattered -But I kept my
mouth shut and continued to serve ,like you for so many years ! I care about iskcon
It really concerns me HOW devotees behave in the Holy Dhams (these days)
Question-Are women and teenagers protected and behaving properly in the Dhams ?
This Holy Place issue bring’s up an GRAVE-Important QUESTIONS
How is -or What is-Iskcon Vrindaban and Maypur doing to preserve the Dhams ?
Are they giving the BEST examples,,,Including devotees behaviors at Festivals times ?
After coming back to India in 2006—It was quite an shock for me to see things crass and commericialized,Traffic- all day and night and the Noise from the cars-SO Hellish
paved roads everywhere and gone was Vrindabans sands ! Apartments everywhere !
What to speak of the dangers as you walk from place to place by speeding cars
with drivers who Dont respect Pilgrims ! So what to do ?
Suresh Das Prabhu is 100 per cent correct
How IRONIC—India is distributing book’s more and making Hari Nams MORE then the West ! Something very wrong about this and how it got to this in -Iskcon USA
Srila Prabhupada said- The whole world copies America
Now we see the Holy dhams becoming Commerical and spoiled
Iskcon Temples are also- so Commecical and I ask the Valid Question
When Is it TOO much Commericalism in an Iskcon Indian Temple ?
Is not Iskcon suppossed to give Example ‘s to the public ?
Can or will the GBCs addrees this critical issue to preserve and protect the Dhams ?
To protect the teenagers and women who go to the dhams ?
I suggest our Iskcon leaders re educate their disciples about proper Holy Dham Behaviors
Also If America Iskcon Revives Book Distribution,Hari-Nams and Bhakta Programs
This will not only save America but India and the Dhams
Thank You for your time
Your servant,
Jaya Madhava Das (ACBSP) Moscow Russia at -jayamadhava

» Posted By Jaya Madhava Das On Dec 30, 2009 @ 10:05 am

Jayo+Yamaraja’s e mails

I have yet to get my Godbrothers E mail address (or skype) name
Yamaraj Das at BTG any leads ?
Thanks Prabhu’s
Your Servant,
Jaya Madhava Das (acbsp) Moscow Russia at January-2010-

» Posted By Jaya Madhava Das On Jan 5, 2010 @ 1:25 pm

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