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Carpe Diem

Detachment or disinterest for the material world and its activities, at least in this case, is not caused by laziness or laxity, but is a side-effect of having developed overwhelming taste spiritualism. It is this higher taste that renders the lower insipid. When Chaitanya Mahabraphu laments, ‘sunya idam jagat sarvam…’ (the whole world seems so empty!) obviously, the cause is overwhelming attachment for Krishna—certainly not laziness! Thus, such persons can be expected to carry out their spiritual duties with double the diligence! Where indeed is the need to bring laziness into this sublime picture? Be assured that the extra mile for the better coconut (for Krishna) will be walked—and that too with a song in the heart!
Thank you for your valuable comments prabhus…

» Posted By Jeevanmukta Das On Aug 12, 2011 @ 6:05 am

Why Oh Why Didn’T I Take The Blue Pill?

Puskaraksa Prabhu says:
Prabhupada may know, since he is a liberated soul, a jivan mukta. But how can I know…? I don’t even know what is happening in the next room… So, how would I know about what is going on, on the moon…?

He also intermittingly declares, ‘I have faith in the words of Guru, Sastras and Saddhus…’

I say:

‘Putting the master on an unreachable pedestal and declaring we can’t follow suit’ (SP was pure devotee, we can be!) is the oldest scam in the book. ‘Oh the guru was pure devotee, God, avatar…! We are fools, we can’t follow… so, let’s lower the bar… let’s make new populist rules… let’s take control!

If that was how it was intended to be, why did they bother teaching us in the first place?

Also kindly be informed that three of our previous spiritual masters have had extensive exposure to western ideologies and sciences. Thakur bhakti Vinod, Sidhanta Saraswati, and Srila Prabhupada were all well-read and had had extensive exposure to western ideologies and sciences. In fact, SP was so astute and well-read that even when the whole world was gawking in awe at the moon-landing video clip, he alone was able to discern it to be a farce. Now that wasn’t just his Vedic wisdom talking. No, it was more of his native Kolkata intelligence and general knowledge in high gear!

Bottom line is, men of greater, demonstrably superior intelligence and learning than any current leader of today have examined the Vedic literatures, definitely seen the so-called anomalies as well, and yet recommended that not a word of it be changed.

Even Mahaprabhu for that matter, did not allow Sarvabhauma to change a single one word ‘mukti to bhakti’ in the shastras.

So I ask, what special intelligence is now available that we should now make a course correction and pass the Vedic literatures through a CAT scan? What has changed in the last 34 years that we should submit the Vedic literatures to a scientific assessment?

By the way Prabhu, either you have faith in Guru, Sadhu, Sastra… or you go by ‘he may know, he is liberated… but I don’t know what is happening!’ Choose one stance. They are contradictory, and therefore faulty logic to say that you do both. Either you use your intelligence and declare, ‘I don’t know what is going on,’ or you implicitly follow the master (SP) who clearly knows.

» Posted By Jeevanmukta Das On Feb 4, 2011 @ 1:07 pm

The Great Moon Landing Hoax

The moon is further away from the sun and is bigger exactly as the shastras state. However, it still does come in front of the sun and this allows for the moon phases.

How so?

Simple really. The moon has an elliptical orbit. Nor is the earth at the center of this elliptical orbit. It is more to one side. At the perigee (the shorter distance from moon to earth, when it appears much larger) the moon’s orbit acutally passes inside or in front of the sun’s orbit. Thus we get moon phases. Because the moon has an elliptical orbit, it appears at times very big and at other times very small. (See link below for size comparison)

Of course, the scientists, as always, are cheating. They say the moon looks bigger because of optical illusion and what not. Not true. No one has gone to the moon. In those days they couldn’t even get a TV to work right let alone go to the moon.

So, the Bhagavatam and Srila Prabhupada are right. The moon is bigger and has a bigger or distant orbit.

See size difference of moon:

» Posted By Jeevanmukta Das On Dec 31, 2010 @ 4:51 pm

Raghava’s Reincarnation Myth

We all reincarnate, but the issue here is can we remember a past birth? Anticipating this query, Krishna unambiguously states:

bahuni me vyatitani, janmani tava carjuna, tany aham veda sarvani, na tvam vettha parantapa. [BG 4.5]

Many, many births both you and I have passed. I can remember all of them, but you cannot, O subduer of the enemy!

So, ‘na tvam vetta!’

Na=not, tvam= yourself, vettha=know. Translation: HUMANS CANNOT REMEMBER.

In short Krishna unambiguously states: NO WAY, ABSOLUTELY NOT. ONLY I, GOD, CAN REMEMBER!

By the way, this verse is what I call a ‘fool-proofing’ verse. Alternatively, you may call it a, ‘me cheese you chalk’ verses. There are many such ‘fool-proofing or me cheese you chalk’ verses and they serve to protect the Lord’s station when he takes birth amongst humans. I am sure you are familiar with the ‘fools deride me….etc., etc.’ verse. Basically, these verse differentiate between God and man. And surprise, surprise, remembering past lives is one such talent the Lord exclusively reserves for himself and tags this ability as a meaning by which a learned person can differentiate between man and God.

In fact, the above verse is exclusively spoken to plug the reincarnation scam. It is not bendable and absolutely no one (however long he is been in ISKCON) can smuggle a few humans past these injunction. In short, the claim, ‘‘x’ remembering a ‘y’’ past-life is contrary to a key ‘fool-proofing’ shastric injunction. That being the case, please be assured that the Lord is not be amused by such a stunt, and in fact calls people who tries it, ‘fools,’ (something he rarely does!) and generally tries his best to avoid getting into such a mess.

True, Bharata maharaj was given special mercy to recall his past live. But that does not transpire that ordinary people can do so by accident. On the contrary, I am sure that there is a whole department up there that ensures that such accident does not take place! Similarly, Krishna gave Arjuna special vision to see his divine virat-rupa. Vyasdeva gave Sanjaya a special ability to see what is going on at the battlefield at Kurukshetra and so on. These however were all special mercies… and whenever it was bestowed, it is specifically proclaimed, “And, now I give you divine eyes!

» Posted By Jeevanmukta Das On Oct 21, 2010 @ 5:09 am


Therefore I say, be wary of anyone who reincarnates, or bleeds, or excessively cries (within reason of course!) or falls of vyasasna in a swoon, or uses subtle means to project a ‘holier than thou’ image by mannerisms or by writes soppy articles, or hints at ‘I have deeper manjari bhava to offer (indeed!),’ or flaunts a PhD, or promotes so-called secularism or the democratic process (which I predict will do untold damage in the years to come), or is flamboyant or uses some other idiosyncrasy to beguile us.

As the wild boar freezes to evaluate his situation, pause, evaluate, ask yourself if this divinely sweet gift of love from Goloka (Golokera prema dhana) we call Krishna Consciousness is secure, and if need be, be not afraid to take charge. Be vigilant, be very wary. Indeed, if we want this to last 10000 years, then we must rigorously use the ‘PERFECT GENTLEMEN’ template put in place by Pramahamsa AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada to gauge the teachers… and his books of course, to gauge the teachings.

Once again, my sincere apologies to RDD, but then again, this is no longer about you sweetheart. HK.

» Posted By Jeevanmukta Das On Oct 18, 2010 @ 6:37 pm

Thank you all for your valuable comments prabhus and sincere apologies to RDD. I would not like to drag this further than needed for an innocent devotee (misguided and encouraged by seniors, which is unfortunate) is at the center of this storm. But what needs to be said must be said.

In less than five-hundred years after Mahaprabhu started the Bhakti Movement it was corrupted into near extinction by the sahajiyas. They rolled on the ground, pretend-cried their little black hearts out and bewildered the populace with their sham-devotion. Later, they homed in on the divine love of Radha-Krishna, indulged in unacceptable and deviant activities, and ruined Vaishnavism to such an extent that educated people in Bengal and Orissa were repulsed by the unique religion. In fact, Thakur Bhakti Vinod, our great grand spiritual master, who eventually lifted it out of this quagmire, had initially flatly refused to even consider Vaishnavism until a friend (an unsung hero, to whom the world owes a huge debt) urged him with great determination to study it.

Most devotees cry. Indeed, such is the state of affair that most on merely hearing the name ‘Krishna’ will cry! And yet our master, Srila Prabhupada, who by all counts should have had a regular little rivulet of tear flowing by his abode, presented the picture of a perfect and grave gentleman.

Why? Because Vaishnavism, due to its proximity to bhava, attracts all manner of con-artists and is very easily corruptible. Also, it must surely have crossed his mind that it’s not just east Indians con-artist now, but the whole world’s collection of err… artists! Imagine for instance, what would happen if the supremely talented people who gave the world ‘Stigmata’ (of Christianity) were to give Vaishnavism a whirl!

Apart from my reasons for not believing this reincarnation tale, which I have elaborated in the article above, my primary objection to the reincarnation issue is as such: Today it’s just an obscure brahmachari who has ‘reincarnated.’ Who is to say that tomorrow stalwart devotees of the past, including venerable masters will not be dug out and made to forcibly reincarnated in a similar fashion? Would we still be hearing the belligerent ‘why not’ from the sentimental-secularist-brigade as we do now? I sincerely hope not.


» Posted By Jeevanmukta Das On Oct 18, 2010 @ 6:32 pm

I Never Cry

This is wonderful! This is Krishna Consciousness! But crying is not unique to KC. Even the Muslims cry especially when on Haj and about to reach this holy site. Apparently, thousands can be seen weeping! The Jews and the Christians cry too. Amen.

» Posted By Jeevanmukta Das On Oct 12, 2010 @ 10:35 am

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