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Searching for Truth in a Forest of Misinformation: A Comment on the Recent Discussions

Endless internet wrangling will not provide any solution. There have been many well though out presentations. Maybe we’ve had enough already. At some point we need to stop spilling pixels over this.

Now is a time for leadership. The GBC and/or CPO need to act. Some won’t like the results, some will. Such is the way of the world. Make a good, well reasoned decision and stick to it unless there is overwhelming new evidence or perspective.

It seems the basics are still in question. Should ISKCON sanction gurus? What criteria should be used? When to revoke sannyas, guruship, temple president, head pujari etc?

What policies and standards should there be for crimes against children? It is only molestation or abortion that constitutes a lifelong ban against organizational or spiritual leadership? What about lesser crimes: non-sexual physical or emotional abuse. Should there be levels of abuse and levels of sanction? Does it matter that a crime was committed prior to religious awakening?

Do personal crimes factor less than intuitional crimes (cover-ups, failure to lead, cronyism)? More? Where does the discretion of the leadership come in. Is a CPO decision final, or just a recommendation that the GBC can modify or ignore?

How to factor long recovered “fall downs” into the equation? Not so long ago, not so recovered fall downs? What are the standards for the aftermath of extra-marital affairs? Embezzlement, armed robbery, drug dealing, habitual lying, and chronic philosophical confusion?

If someone fell into drug addiction at age 19 and supported the habit with theft/prostitution for a year? Does that permanently disqualify one? What’s the time and crime threshold? If at 70 years of age, no victims from 50 years ago are around to raise a clamor, spiritual leadership and position are OK? What if it’s only 30 years after and a few victims can be mustered. What if we throw a child endangerment charge into the equations? Then this person isn’t qualified?

Jiva Goswami

» Posted By Jiva Goswami On Aug 3, 2006 @ 12:37 am

Maharaja Clarifies His Position on Gay Marriages

Your original statement was “…serious, formal and public recognition and appreciation of gay monogamy is, in my view, in the best interest of ISKCON and its members.”

What is serious, formal and public recognition? In retrospect, was this a mis-statement on your part?

» Posted By Jiva Goswami On Jun 16, 2006 @ 5:40 am

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