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Does Sex Attraction Bring People to Krishna?

Dear Maharaja,

Although I am new to all of this, I do have the opinion that the marketing of Krsna Consciousness using techniques that are accepted in the common goods/services markets is flawed and will not be effective in “making the whole world Krsna conscious”. Many people are searching and often become discouraged when they find hypocritical behavior within a movement. Therefore, I think that attracting the public with such sense gratification then telling them to control their urges will seem to many to be hypocritical at best and therefore not be effective in “recruiting”. While one of the most attractive components to KC is that one can continue with seeming sense gratification (dancing, singing, eating) but still be Krsna conscious, it does seem ludicrous to believe that one could somehow include sexual gratification among these “spiritualized activities”.

I also would like to add that, in my humble opinion, the cultural context (Indian) in which Krsna Consciousness is most often presented to the public is exclusive and therefore could also be questioned as to its effectiveness in spreading the movement. I know from personal experience that many who come into contact with devotees, while being very attracted to the philosophy and attitudes of the followers, lament the fact that they are not Indian, never will be, and therefore feel excluded from ever truly being part of Lord Chaitanya’s movement.

your servant,

Jiva-daya dasa

» Posted By Jiva-daya dasa On Dec 12, 2007 @ 5:59 pm

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