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Caring For Devotees: The Spiritual Counselor System

Thank you for this Posting!!!

» Posted By JohnDoe On Sep 24, 2006 @ 9:01 am

Prabhupada speaks out:

Out of the dept of Cyberspace I´m sending you all a “high”

Accept my bad english!

I´m a isolated Krsna believer!

My ?
How do i have to understand this “”If one is a poor man, he can go to some friends’ house and accept food and then come back, but one should never accept residence in other’s house. “”

Well i don´t have friends to got to, so i can´t accepte food! If i had friends an the offer me a place to stay at, why should i not accept it?

Or is it a different meaning?
Is it his the meaning, If i´m a Krsna believer, i could go to People who have a different believe into a Higher Power, so i can accept food what is offered? And if those who believe in a different Highe Power than Krsna, and they would offer me a place to stay, why should i not accept it?

I´m confused about it. And i´m asking seriously!

Hare Krsna

» Posted By JohnDoe On Sep 11, 2006 @ 11:09 am

Some Thoughts on Japa


I do Chant since 14 years, not regulary. But mostly 1 round, and i do celebrate my chanting, in Washing my self and getting prepared to do my chanting, i know i could do more, at the moment i´m trying to make it two rounds. Well, as i also realised, when after chanting, and i´m in a spiritual high, and i have to face Public, it seems that at leats one demon see that i´m High, and trying to harm to me, in subtile way, so now i do my chanting, knwoing, what i will be doing afterwards. Why i´m doing not more, well I´m walking in my Shoe´s some might won´t fit and i tried to do more, but i´m getting so High, no one can reach me, so its better for me to stay tuned on the earth.

Please feel free to show a way which i haven´t seen ,

Hare Krsna

» Posted By JohnDoe On Sep 11, 2006 @ 11:19 am

All Claim Exclusive favor in the Eyes of God!

Sending a High,

I had to login into the site, Thank you for posting replies!
If one suffers and Pointing blame to others, should take a look inside himself and chant!
Show respect to Krsna, for Krsna has different clothes and Names, there is only ONE!
see: Bhagavad-gita 16.9 Vers 9

» Posted By JohnDoe On Aug 30, 2006 @ 11:21 pm

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