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Time to be Dharmic

Dear Satyaraja Prabhu,

Regarding the Dhanurdhar Swami case, I appreciate your efforts to keep harmony among the Vaishnavas. But abusing children is not a Vaishnava activity. My concern is that your friendship with Dhanurdhar Swami may bias your conclusions.There are two perspectives: one as a friend, and one as a victim.

Would you come to the same conclusions if your own child was a victim of Dhanurdhar’s abuse?

That’s why we have a CPO, which is neither friend nor victim, and can judge things fairly and impartially, based on relevant facts on a case to case basis.

As far as Maharaja paying his dues, that is what he should do. As you say Vaishnavas are more merciful than Krishna, but that mercy is not a one way street. Our compassion should be given first and foremost to the many children, and then the one adult. Protection and compassion means for the innocent, for the women, for the children, and for the elderly first.

Child abuse is not a brahminical activity, nor a preceptor’s activity, nor a renunciate’s activity. If Maharaja would have renounced physical abuse, he would not be in the situation he is in now.

I have nothing personal against Maharaja, but I strongly believe dharma should be applied first to the victims. In the example of the Titanic, the women and children were saved first, that is dharmic.

Let the GBC come forward as you suggest and bring some closure to everyone involved in this unfortunate case, for now and for the future. Let’s not make the same mistake as the Catholic Church that protected the priests over the children.

Kaisori Devi Dasi.

» Posted By Kaisoridd On Jul 12, 2006 @ 4:20 pm

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