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In the case of our temples within our current huge industrial cities this is what I see :

They must gradually become dwelled only by truly inclined brahmins to actually create a goodness atmosphere that will serve as the embassy of the spiritual world inviting people to adopt a different style of life, as Prabhupada envisioned since the beginning of the movement. The difficulty is that we still mighr have the paradigm that all Vaisnavas must display brahmin inclinations. That would be true if all Vaisnavas were pure however we know from our practical life experience that this is not so.

Another obstacle is that we still have as a reference the past model where temples were heterogenous environments acting as a safe shelter for Vaisnavas of all inclinations, this was when the congregations were not so big. Nowadays we already have large Vaisnava sudra and vaisya communities in big cities.

Please don’t misinterpret me I’m well aware a Vaisnava sudra may perfecly be much more advanced than a Vaisnava brahmin for example, he just has a bodily vehicle more adequate for a specific social function that’ all.

There are thus two functions this temples in big cities should promote:

1- Help the secular society’s inhabitants to raise themselves to a human being status of life.

2- Help those who already have reached this goal and have become Vaisnavas, situate themselves so as to best function within ISKCON.

Remember that in Bhagavad Gita Krsna states that:

1 One should occupy oneself accordingly for undertaking the duty of someone else is inadequate.

2- Those who preach this supreme truth to My Devotees are most dear to Me.

bol nitya haribol your servant Karuna Das

» Posted By Karuna dasa On Aug 10, 2007 @ 9:30 am

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