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Bhaktivedanta Manor community betrayed by RSPCA - Update 2

This was an outrage of no mean proportion. These people knew full well how we feel about cows and in particular how we were lovingly treating poor Gangotri. They came in with a cluster of policemen knowing exactly how we would likely react to their intended execution by lethal injection. They cared not one jot about our feelings, beliefs or anything. They said one thing and did another. Their claim to respect others’ beliefs was revealed for what it actually was, mere empty words. As far as they are concerned they can waltz right in and kill our beloved cows right under our noses. All in the name of compassion - - and that coming from a group that happily endorses the unspeakable killing methods of other faiths simply for food. A group whose members mostly eat animal flesh from the slaughterhouse every day. Such persons would presume to give us lessons in morality, effectively telling us that we do not know how to be compassionate and caring. As Keshava Krishna prabhu rightly says, we have a long way to go to “normalise” people’s perception of actual welfare. A long, long way.

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 17.12.2007 @ 12:35

HG Sanjaya Prabhu ACBSP passed away

My wife Cintamani and I, who both spent a number of years serving with Sanjaya prabhu, are deeply saddened by his sudden departure. We remember him as a gentle and kind hearted soul, completely dedicated to Srila Prabhupada. Surely he has attained an all-auspicious destination. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this very difficult time for them.

“As a player sets up and disperses his playthings according to his own sweet will, so the supreme will of the Lord brings men together and separates them.” SB 1.13.43

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 23.11.2007 @ 09:11


There are quite a few other translated English bhajans on my website (linked from the Dandavats home page) and I will add more from time to time.

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 29.10.2007 @ 07:43


re comment 43

I think we should be cautious about charging for our programmes. As I understand it, this is always forbidden. Among other such statements, Srila Prabhupada writes:

Professional reciters may ask money to extinguish the blazing fire within their bellies, but they cannot make any spiritual improvement or become perfect. It is therefore strictly forbidden to recite Srimad-Bhagavatam as a profession to earn a livelihood. Only one who is completely surrendered at the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, depending fully on Him for personal maintenance or even for maintenance of his family, can attain perfection by recitation of Srimad-Bhagavatam, which is full of narrations of the pastimes of the Lord and His devotees. The process can be summarized as follows: the audience must be faithfully receptive to the Bhagavata message, and the reciter should completely depend on the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Bhagavata recitation must not be a business. If done in the right way, not only does the reciter achieve perfect satisfaction, but the Lord also is very satisfied with the reciter and the audience, and thus both are liberated from material bondage simply by the process of hearing. SB 4.12.49-50

We cannot charge, but of course dakshine is another thing. All donations gratefully received. :)

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 09.06.2007 @ 08:53

A Personal Reflection on Virtue and Values in the Krsna Consciousness Movement

While I appreciate the many good points made here about the necessity of virtue, I believe the episode concerning Dharmavyadha (the “just slayer”) who was supposed to be a butcher is a Buddhist interpolation in the Mahabharata. As Sri Madhvacarya points out in his Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, the text has been considerably distorted over the years, and stories about butchers’ shops are highly suspect. As well as this, there are contemporary scholars such as Hiltebeitel who suggest this story is interpolated.

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 18.05.2007 @ 07:20

108 Names of Lord Sri Rama

Generally we observe fasting up till the time the Lord actually appeared, which in Rama’s case was midday. Any reason why the fast is till sunset? (apart of course for the excellent reason that Srila Prabhupada so requested - but why is it done?)

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 25.03.2007 @ 12:10

The Sunday Feast Kirtan

Really nice points. Thank you prabhu.

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 24.02.2007 @ 14:25

Day Seven of the G.B.C. Meetings

The argument that a pizza is a self-realized capati got a lot of laughs.

And there was me thinking it was a blooped samosa…

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 14.02.2007 @ 07:58

Day five of the G.B.C. meetings

I think that the idea of “Succession and leadership training” is very important. Naturally most of the leaders chosen to attend this training will have some ksatriya tendencies.

This is an interesting point. Is it a fact that ISKCON’s leaders will or even should have ksatriya tendencies? As Maharaja goes on to say, they will be “going out as teachers and preachers.” Presumably they will also be TP’s and the like. Are not all of these roles brahminical? Temple leaders or presidents are traditionally ‘mahants’, i.e. brahmanas. And the business of temples is, one would hope, decidedly brahminical. As I understand it, brahmin communities also have their leaders, but these are not ksatriyas.

I would suggest this goes to the heart of defining what is ISKCON, which must surely be the first step in drawing up any constitution. Just what is the movement meant to be? Is it a movement of brahmanas, meant to (eventually) lead the rest of society, or will it actually comprise the totality of society, complete with all orders of life? There are statements from Srila Prabhupada that could lend support to either notion.

“Although the Krsna consciousness movement is a movement of brahmanas and Vaisnavas, it is trying to reestablish the divine varnasrama institution, for without this division of society there cannot be peace and prosperity anywhere.” SB 7.11.18-20

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 14.02.2007 @ 21:28

This is inspiring. Key issues here, for sure. Looks like some momentous discussions are getting underway. Let’s pray that the Lord gives us all the intelligence to actually get something together for Srila Prabhupada’s pleasure.

Comment Posted By Krishna Dharma On 12.02.2007 @ 12:06


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